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Ask the Question

Posted by firephillkline on November 30, 2005

Our post from yesterday generated a wide range of responses and coverage.

To satisfy the curiosity of the small group of doubters, we need help from a local or regional media member to ask the following questions:

Has your campaign accepted money from John Myers- either directly or through another entitiy? Do you know John Myers? Has he donated to any of your PAC’s or other funds? Have you ever met John Myers or spoken to him over the phone? How frequently? Above all else, to the best of your knowledge, Mr. Kline, has John Myers contributed to your campaign at anytime in the past five years?

We know there are number of media reps who read this blog. In fact, a Topeka TV reporter has posted here before and we have received email from two major Kansas newspapers. Pick up the phone and call the press department in the attorney general’s office. His Web site says Whitney Watson is communications director and presumably the person who fields media inquiries. If she doesn’t want to help, ask to speak to Kline himself. If heisn’t available, ask to speak to his campaign treasurer.

We stand firm in our claim that Myers has been a very large contributor to Kline. An email received late yesterday offered to confirm this by providing a Kline fundraising event invitation with Myers being the host at a Lake Quivira address. He also explained a project which allowed Myers to give even more than we originally thought through grouping money with other donors to support conservative candidates statewide.

More details to follow.

Ask the question.


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Convicted Felon Gives Thousands to Kline Via Illegal Scheme? – Updated

Posted by firephillkline on November 29, 2005

***Breaking news***

According to sources, recently convicted Kansas City mortgage banker John Myers, who was indicted and convicted along with co-conspirator Adam Taff, has conributed several thousand dollars to the election cofferes of Phill Kline.

Our source has indicated the contributions came in via a shell game; one where Myers gave Kline thousands of dollars of his own money by funneling the contributions through one of his many front companies, a clear violation of campaign finance regulations.

Our source claims this information has been entered as evidence in United States Federal Court as part of the legal proceedings involving both Myers and Taff. As part of a plea arrangement, Myers has apparently detailed his shell game to federal prosecutors that invloved several area political candidates in exchange for the prosecutor remaining silent at sentencing.

This is apprarently not simply a case of a rich donor using several entities to legally give money to a candidate. This is much more involved. Our source says current and former Kline staff members may have been involved in the scheme.

This could be a HUGE blow for Kline, not to mention it could put him in hot water with the ethics commission. He might be fired quicker than we origianlly expected.

We are trying to get paper confirmation of the evidence. Since pleas have been entered, we belive the evidence may be available for public inspection.
Stay tuned for more details.

Please remember that anyone under suspicion for campaign finance and other legal violations are considered innocent until proven guilty. But it sure is fun to speculate what will happen to Kline when his scheme is revealed.

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Right Wing Wacko Trading Cards!

Posted by firephillkline on November 28, 2005

Read the article that features this priceless trading card mock-up right here.

We wonder who else the ultra radical right would like to see on a playing card. Any ideas?

How about Jesse Helms? Strom Thurmond? Hitler?

We’d say someone like James Warren (Jim) Jones would be the prize ‘get’ in the whole pack. Sounds like a money making opportunity for someone out there.

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10 Reasons To Be Thankful

Posted by firephillkline on November 23, 2005

10. Bush can’t run again

9. The Kansas republican party is in shambles

8. The state board of education members face election in less than a year

7. Moran decided not to run for gov

6. The blogsphere

5. Brownback is running for president (and will finally be brought back to reality)

4. The ultra conservative republicans really believe they are the mouthpiece for the entire state – and will find out themselves what they really are in the 2006 elections

3. There are no electable republican candidates running for governor or against congressman Dennis Moore

2. Paul Morrison is running for attorney general

1. Phill Kline continues to use his office to pursue a narrow political agenda- and will be fired because of it

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Kline Lacks Management Ability

Posted by firephillkline on November 21, 2005

We’re back after some much needed R & R. We had a nice little ‘vacation’ in Manhattan to watch Coach Snyder’s last football game. Glad to see the Cats pull one out for the ol’ guy.

Speaking of vacations, sounds like Kline has seen his share of staff taking permanant vacations. FPK has learned Kline’s management ability (or in this case, inability) has been responsible for an abnormally high turnover rate compared to other attorney general’s offices.

We suspect a small percentage can be attributed to a change in administration, as most elected officials probably bring in their own people. A few more probably retired. What is at issue is the nearly 45 percent turnover rate AFTER Kline was in office 90 days. 45 percent?!?!?! Are you kidding me?

After making calls to attorney general’s offices in Missouri and Iowa and finding turnover rates of 4 and 18 percent, we decided to go out on a limb and say Kline is a worthless manager.

If you were managing an organization that experienced a 25 percent turnover, wouldn’t that be an alarm for your bosses? How about 35 percent? 40? 45?

As Kline’s bosses, I think we all need to quote The Donald- Kline, ‘you’re fired!’

*note: thanks for those of you who have submitted news and tips. Keep ’em coming!

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Judge Kline? Quick! Call the FBI!

Posted by firephillkline on November 16, 2005

I guess we need to be careful what we wish for. The link below talks about how Kline is the type of right wing wacko that Bush would be interested in appointing to a federal judgeship.

BUT, and it is a big ol’ but- Kline has already been trhough a nomination process- for US attorney. And was rejected.

Sure, you will hear Kline talk about the process going on too long, too many democrats in the senate, blah, blah, blah. IF that were really the case, why did he even agree to go throught he process? Why did the next guy, Eric Melgren, get confirmed in a matter of a few weeks?

Draw your own colclusions as to why he is not currently US Attorney, but I suspect his FBI background report had more than a little to do with it., contrary to what the shyster himself might say.

By the way, why doesn’t Kline order and release his FBI background report? When he ran against Biggs, he claimed it would take too long to receive and the election would be over.

It appears to us that with 12 months before the election, he has ample time to request and receive the report. If there is nothing to hide from, Kline, why not release it?

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Shallenburger to Resign as GOP State Party Chairman?

Posted by firephillkline on November 15, 2005

Our friends over at are reporting that the republican state party chair, Tim Shallenburger is set to announce his resignation this week.

Even if he doesn’t pull the trigger, its still disasterous for the GOP’ers. Half will call the rumor garbage and formed by a conspiracy, but the other half will see this as incredible weakness. Either way, how can he possibly recover to matter to either side? He’s done.

Note to GOP’ers- how about keep your infighting between yourselves? Why is that so hard for you? We have issues, but you rarely hear about them in public.

Wonder how Kline and the other ultra conservatives feel now? Their ship is truly rudderless.

We at FPK almost feel sorry for them. Ok, not really.

Beating them up over the next 12 months will be far too easy. But still fun!

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Kline to Speak at KU

Posted by firephillkline on November 14, 2005

For those of you interested in hearing the ‘Gospel of Kline’ and to have a look into the mind of a true shyster, the KU Young Republicans are hosting as their guest speaker Tomorrow, Tues, Nov 15th.

This event is in the Kansas Room of the Kansas Union and is at 7:30pm.

Thanks to the Anti Sam blog for the tip!

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GOP Cockfight Special

Posted by firephillkline on November 14, 2005

Introducing: The Grand Ol’ Party Cock Fight Series.

All we at FPK can think about when it comes to GOP infighting is how its like a good old fashioned cock fight. Put a couple roosters in a pen and watch them peck at each other until one of them is dead or at least badly wounded.

Today we feature two GOP ‘leaders’. In the red corner, we have Mark Gietzen, uber-pro-lifer. In the pink corner, we have the state party chair and victim of the Sebelius machine, Tim Shallenburger.

Read the peck by peck account right here.

A question to the uber pro lifers: where’s your boy Kline in all of this? Where is he when you need him? If he is the staunch supporter of your cause you say he is, why isn’t he sticking up for you? Where is your party leadership? Kline is the highest ranking conservative in the state- but is nowhere to be found.

We think his silence in all of this speaks volumes about his true convictions.

Whatever it takes to get elected, eh Kline?

Ego, ergo, zoom. The Party of Kline. Where do I sign-up?

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Proven Prosecutor vs. Proven Politician

Posted by firephillkline on November 10, 2005

Who would you rather have as attorney general? A proven prosector or a proven politician?

Have a look at today’s Johnson County Sun article on Paul Morrison and his decision not to seek the death penalty. Pay particular attention to his resume as a prosecutor. I’m waiting for Kline to spin that his ‘legislative’ experience is worth more than 25 years as a prosecutor or that Morrison’s courtroom record isn’t as impressive as his. Just wait- he’ll try.

By the way, why are Chris Kobach and Eric Carter making the Applby case into a political issue? Do they not have regard for the wishes of Roger Kemp and his family? Way to look like asses, Kobach and Carter. How about reading the paper before opening your politically opportunistic pie holes?

Speaking of both Kobach and Carter, does anyone think they would be as ‘passionate’ about this case if they were not planning to run for higher office next year? Are all ultra-conservatives egomaniacs or what?

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