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Challenge Numero Uno

Posted by firephillkline on November 8, 2005

Question for all you Kline supporters- How many jury trials has Kline argued?

Take into account his *entire* legal career ( not counting his law license suspension) and his term as attorney general.

We truly want to know what the magic number is. Some reports have it in the tens, others in single digits.

Please post your answer and validation below. Thanks.

7 Responses to “Challenge Numero Uno”

  1. KansasNate said

    Hey FPK

    Congrats on getting this thing started! I run the Anti Sam Brownback blog ( and linked to you.

    Get in touch with me by email (, I have something you will be interested in.


  2. Anonymous said

    Very nice idea, FPK. I imagine you will be getting hundreds of hits a day- from both friend and foe.

    You should think about a donation button to support efforts to get rid of Kline.

    Sorry, don’t have an answer for your numero uno question. My guess? Three. Hard to imagine how he will spin that against Morrisons 25 year prosecutorial record.

  3. Anonymous said

    What does it matter? Phill Kline is by far the better candidate than Benedict Morison.

  4. Anonymous said

    Don’t know how many trials Kline has (I’m guessing in the single digits). Take a look when he ran last time and you’ll see how he’s going to get around that. Last election he said he was like the manager on the ball team. He doesn’t play (I guess that is for real attorneys) but stays back and supervises.

    Great Blog!

  5. Anonymous said

    Someone said what does it matter if Phill Kline actually tried cases. IT DOES MATTER!!! Do you not realize the Attorney General for the state of KS is the prosecutor for the state, therefore the person should have extensive knowledge and practice in the field. I am so tired of people getting jobs when they are not even qualified for the position, they only get it for political reasons. Look at PK’s own staff. I bet there are some in their position for political reasons only, for his campaign season, then they will be booted out after its over-it’s happened. Look at the turnover rate there.
    Yes, I get it’s a political race, but Morrison said it best, trying a case and victims of crime do not care whether you are D or R. Victims want the job done by someone who knows what they are doing, not for their own selfish political reasons.

  6. Anonymous said

    I’m pretty sure he had never tried a case before he became AG. I don’t know how many cases he has tried as AG.

  7. Anonymous said

    He hasn’t tried any cases as AG. He has only noted himself in the public eye as being the chief prosecutor but never actually tried anything. In fact, he has the qualified attorney’s doing the job-but does not give praise where praise is due-while he gets all the credit. Just like a politician.

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