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Kline Slapped in Today’s KC Star

Posted by firephillkline on November 9, 2005

Former State Victims’ Right Coordinator Gene Schmidt has a few things to say about Phill Kline.

Is there anyone more respected in Kansas victims rights circles than Gene and Peggy Schmidt? It says a lot knowing he gave up on Kline months ago. The link and video are both worth a click. I suspect the Kline camp will soon be trying to trash Gene and Peggy for speaking out against him. Let see- Kline against the Schmidts- how about a show of hands- who has more creditbility and is more respected and admired?

Also, for those of you interested, Roger Kemp has established a site honoring Ali:

Gene and Peggy Schmidt have establised a site detailing their work and memorializing Stephanie Schmidt.

I’ve heard both Gene and Peggy Schmidt talk about their work with victims. No doubt about- it’s who they are – not who they want someone to think they are. True blue heroes in my book.

Speaking of being slapped, looks like Kline’s wife just finished slapping him in this photo:

5 Responses to “Kline Slapped in Today’s KC Star”

  1. Sorry- I fogot the link to The Schmidt’s site:

  2. Anonymous said

    Didn’t the Schmidts endorse Phill at one point when he ran against Moore?

  3. Anonymous said

    Can you turn those links into things we can click on?

  4. Anonymous said

    I believe the Schmidts endorsed Phill, worked for him, then were smacked in the face by him. Please read passed newspaper articles for that information. Just blog Schmidt + Attorney General’s office, you will see why he left the office. That’s how I found out. Or just ask the Schmidt’s.

  5. Links are now live. Thanks.

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