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Proven Prosecutor vs. Proven Politician

Posted by firephillkline on November 10, 2005

Who would you rather have as attorney general? A proven prosector or a proven politician?

Have a look at today’s Johnson County Sun article on Paul Morrison and his decision not to seek the death penalty. Pay particular attention to his resume as a prosecutor. I’m waiting for Kline to spin that his ‘legislative’ experience is worth more than 25 years as a prosecutor or that Morrison’s courtroom record isn’t as impressive as his. Just wait- he’ll try.

By the way, why are Chris Kobach and Eric Carter making the Applby case into a political issue? Do they not have regard for the wishes of Roger Kemp and his family? Way to look like asses, Kobach and Carter. How about reading the paper before opening your politically opportunistic pie holes?

Speaking of both Kobach and Carter, does anyone think they would be as ‘passionate’ about this case if they were not planning to run for higher office next year? Are all ultra-conservatives egomaniacs or what?

12 Responses to “Proven Prosecutor vs. Proven Politician”

  1. Anonymous said

    the worst part of this post- carter and kobach trying to gain publicicty from the death of ali kemp.

    then again, reading the linked article makes me wonder how in the hell you kansans elected such a political oportunist as kline to be ag. were the other candidates that bad or did they not exploit his non-existent legal record? someone please answer the question from yesterday- how many jury trials has kline tried or won?

    keep it up, fpk. great blog.

  2. Anonymous said

    The best part is, I don’t believe Kobach and Carter have ever prosecuted a case themselves either.

  3. Anonymous said

    Interesting definition of political opportunist. Wouldn’t changing parties (and not resigning your current position to which you were elected under the previous party label) so that you wouldn’t have to take on the incumbent in the primary be politically opportunistic?

    I think Morrison has done a fine job as DA, but this cloak of superior morality doesn’t work for me. He is a politician and has been for a decade. He made a political decision to run as an R years ago. He made a political decision to switch to a D.

    The idea that he conducts his office apolitically is ridiculous.

  4. Anonymous said

    You fail to recongnize the main point of the original post – Carter and Kobach are using the tragedy of the Ali Kemp murder to futher themselves politically.

    Morrison’s about face is an entirely separate issue and one which I hope FPK will address in the future. I’m not a big fan of either Kline or Morrison, but for you to compare Morrison’s switch to exploiting a murder for political gain is reprehensible and shameful.

  5. Anonymous said

    Didn’t you read the column? DA Morrison is tough on crime. He’s not afraid of seeking the death penalty.

    When he runs ads showing how he put Robinson the barrel murderer on death row, remember his reprehensible, shameful exploitation of a murder (actually several).

    My point is that all of these guys — including Morrison are playing the spin game, which is to be expected. None of them can claim the moral high-ground.

  6. Anonymous said

    First, we must look at the KS death penalty. Right now, there is not one, the KS Supreme Ct has stated it’s unconstitutional, therefore no death penalty right now. However, the AG is getting ready to argue the right to the death penalty at the US Supreme Ct-good luck with that, since he has no real experience in this matter.

    In any event, there are several criteria to the capital murder charge and what Kemp sounded he was saying in the newspaper is that he was mad that it was not being tried as a death penalty case and wanted cases like this to be tried like that, not that Morrison made the law surrounding the death penalty. Therefore it is back on the laws and criterial of the death penalty of KS statute-legislatures! The DA’s, AG, any prosecuting attorney’s must go by the statutes and criteria, even if they seem insane.

    Just wait, Kline will jump on the band wagon of Kemp, which is horrific. In fact, you never know, you may see him or another past victim hired and exploited because of his political agenda, like Gene Schmidt unfortunately was exploited.

  7. Good points by everyone.

    Also, it appears everyone is remaining civil. We hope this blog can avoid ‘agressive’ posts against opposite viewpoints, unlike the newspaper blogs. šŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous said

    I would agree that the law should make more clear what is “heinous”, and there is no question that is the responsibility of lawmakers.

    It is also pretty clear that Mr. Kemp disagrees with DA Morrison over the definition, especially in the specific case of the murder of his daughter.

    There’s been a lot of talk about “exploiting” in this thread. I would contend that Mr. Schmidt willingly let himself be exploited so that he would be in a better position to advocate for things he believes in — that is a two way street. He has now chosen to end that relationship, which is his right.

    Mr. Kemp has been very public about a lot of things regarding his daughter’s murder and the punishment of the killer. Not everyone chooses to be so public.

  9. Another very good point.

    The ‘politicizing’ and exploitation of Ali Kemp’s murder and her father’s public plea to keep politics out of the case, are what initially grabbed us in the article.

    The publicity searching action of Kobach and Carter is the primary point. In fact, if Kline did anything wrong, he should have called Carter and Kobach and told them to shut it down.

    In retrospect, the candidate comparison/politicizing should have been two sepadrate posts/topics.

    Wow. How about that? We’re letting Kline off easy this time!


  10. Anonymous said

    I would say that I agree some victims family members take the publicity too far, but the majority are to bring their murders to justice. Then once they do that, there is no stopping papers, news media, etc. and if a victim family gets too swept up in that, they do not know what to do either. Especially if they have never been too political before, the politicians will take advantage of that.

    Some victims, however, take it to the next extreme of getting a job by being a “victim” with no prior experience or education related to victimology. Just the fact, their name is well known out there for a terrible tragedy. That is taking it too far on all sides of the spectrum.

    Again, back to the original post…I still have a problem with Kline, because he is best known for this and takes his political agenda that route. Morrison, if you look at his website in JO CO vs. the AG’s website re: victims rights…you tell me which one has more resources…actual resources to help victims of crime. User friendly too, not just the showboating the AG or prosecutor. You will see!

  11. Anonymous said

    how exactlly is it being made into a political issue, and without regard to that, how are they not respecting the wishes of roger kemp and his family. I believe that they recognize and are disgusted with the blatant lack of justice for the murder

  12. Anonymous said

    With this AG it is always about a political agenda. It has nothing to do with Kline, he is not prosecuting the case. The AG’s office has no authority over DA’s throughout the state, so why would he have media on it? Political agenda! If he was a true man, he, like anyone else that knows Kemp, could call him, write him, or just let him know in person even, that he is sorry for his loss. It’s not like Kline is followed by the media all the time, his people have to call the media for news reports. That is where it gets political! Let the families just be without bringing YOUR media to the table.

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