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GOP Cockfight Special

Posted by firephillkline on November 14, 2005

Introducing: The Grand Ol’ Party Cock Fight Series.

All we at FPK can think about when it comes to GOP infighting is how its like a good old fashioned cock fight. Put a couple roosters in a pen and watch them peck at each other until one of them is dead or at least badly wounded.

Today we feature two GOP ‘leaders’. In the red corner, we have Mark Gietzen, uber-pro-lifer. In the pink corner, we have the state party chair and victim of the Sebelius machine, Tim Shallenburger.

Read the peck by peck account right here.

A question to the uber pro lifers: where’s your boy Kline in all of this? Where is he when you need him? If he is the staunch supporter of your cause you say he is, why isn’t he sticking up for you? Where is your party leadership? Kline is the highest ranking conservative in the state- but is nowhere to be found.

We think his silence in all of this speaks volumes about his true convictions.

Whatever it takes to get elected, eh Kline?

Ego, ergo, zoom. The Party of Kline. Where do I sign-up?

2 Responses to “GOP Cockfight Special”

  1. Anonymous said

    Although Kline has run some raunchy campaigns that have played to the “split” in the Republican party, it’s hardly his responsibility to “heal” the rift. Shallenburger signed up to do that, and thus far, I’d say he’s on the right track. And if we cut loose the 3-5% of the single-issue folks and they want to form their own party, that’s fine with me. We might lose more elections, but we will be stronger for it.

    Kline hasn’t (actively) campaigned against pro-choice Republicans, so I don’t see that he has a dog in the fight.

    His investigation of the abortion records, while not of importance to me, is justifiable in pursuit of potential criminal conduct (statutory rape and illegal abortions). Other AG’s focus on drug crimes or financial scandals (NY’s Spitzer). I think Kline would look better if he pursued live births as well as abortions by underage girls and would show the motive is more genuine, but I don’t agree with everything any politician does.

  2. Anonymous said

    Let us not forget how kline was the puppetmaster to get shallenburger elected to party chair. don’t belive me? just ask charlotte ohara or dwight sutherland. they’ll tell you everything you need to know about kline’s under the table dealings.

    campaigning agaist pro-choice republicans? no- he just didn’t help them when the time came to ‘unite’ behind one party.

    what has shallenburger done to heal the rift? all he has done is done nothing. maybe that in and of itself is theraputic, considering how other right wing nuts have tried to bully the others in their own party. iff you have heard him speak, you will know that shallenburger rarely has an original idea of his own. he loves to repeat what kline or other conservative mouths said. good speaker? uniter? understandable? no way. i think the 2002 election proved many people agree with me.

    so, now that kline’s guy is chair, kline doesn’t need to say anything in public. i think the bloggers point is good, but why would kline want to say anything?

    also, i totally agree with the first comment. let the fringe group form their own party. they think they “are” the republican party- lets see how they do on their own with their own narrow agenda. i’m so tired of their smugness. i work with one of the kra board members and cannot stand listening to her spout off about how ‘they’ are the only reason republicans exist in the state, blah, blah, blah. i tell her she doesnt speak for all republicans, she ignores me and refuses to accept that maybe i’m right.

    oh well. this kline race will be interesting. i’m glad there is finally a blog that will help expose kline for who he really is- a political grandstander who is more interested in his next election than the people. i’ll keep watching.

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