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Judge Kline? Quick! Call the FBI!

Posted by firephillkline on November 16, 2005

I guess we need to be careful what we wish for. The link below talks about how Kline is the type of right wing wacko that Bush would be interested in appointing to a federal judgeship.

BUT, and it is a big ol’ but- Kline has already been trhough a nomination process- for US attorney. And was rejected.

Sure, you will hear Kline talk about the process going on too long, too many democrats in the senate, blah, blah, blah. IF that were really the case, why did he even agree to go throught he process? Why did the next guy, Eric Melgren, get confirmed in a matter of a few weeks?

Draw your own colclusions as to why he is not currently US Attorney, but I suspect his FBI background report had more than a little to do with it., contrary to what the shyster himself might say.

By the way, why doesn’t Kline order and release his FBI background report? When he ran against Biggs, he claimed it would take too long to receive and the election would be over.

It appears to us that with 12 months before the election, he has ample time to request and receive the report. If there is nothing to hide from, Kline, why not release it?

5 Responses to “Judge Kline? Quick! Call the FBI!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Why would he want to give up his FBI background report? It’s a personal, private report. Just because it might have damaging information does not give us the right to judge him. Why don’t the owner of this blog get his fbi report and post it here?

    I’ll be praying for Phil Kline and you should to. He is a Godly man. If God wants him to release the FBI report, I know he will.

  2. KansasNate said

    If Kline was a random citizen then you would be absolutely corrent. However, as soon as you become (or try to become) a public official, the rules change.

    The public has a right to know about the background of elected officials. If Kline is honest, he would volunarily give up his FBI background report.

  3. Anonymous said

    So please share “WHY” we should ‘fire Phill Kline’. What is your basis for this blog site. I couldn’t find that anywhere.

    I live in Missouri but knew Phill from Shawnee. He is often very misunderstood and has a true heart for public service. Believe me…he is not in it for the money nor the ‘love’ he gets from blogs like this.

    Why is it that in this country our culture is now to cheer our leaders/sports figures/companies, etc. on the way up – then once they are in office or on top – fire at them after they “lead”.

    Our leaders – Republicans and Democrats – sacrifice much…more than you can imagine. They understand this upfront…accept they will be ‘open’ while in the arena yet do ‘feel’ when others wrongfully quote, analyze, plant the seeds of mistruths or half-truths or just plain attack them.

    Those who have not walked in the public service shoes want to sit back and throw rocks. The Bible (hopefully you won’t attach or dispute that Source) encourages us to ‘not focus on the speck in another’s eye when we have a log in our own’.

    We all are entitled to our opinions…just make sure they are truthful, and honorable when written or spread around.

  4. Anonymous said

    Well, I can say personally, Phill Kline does not care about the KS people, he cares about being elected to the next highest political arena. If “Godly man” means only caring about certain victims in the state of KS, then okay, but I don’t think that God would want the AG to only be a part of certain tragedies throughout the state to boost his career and not care about others, or should I say not even know who they are. Again going back to his record, or should I say, what record?
    His agenda is completely political and the abortion clinics, not about what he says it’s about, the children being raped, molested, abused. If so, he would have thought it out before sending someone else in to argue a political agenda to the KS Supreme Ct regarding the abortion clinics. It wasn’t until someone on the Supreme Ct said why isn’t he looking at ALL kids that have children under a certain age? Then he thought, UHHH…hmmm… Let’s look at the big picture here shall we!
    Whether you are for or against abortion that should not be what he is fighting for, it should be fighting for the people of KANSAS and I have yet to see that, especially for victims.

  5. Anonymous said

    Have you heard, Phill Kline has not said he is running for a second term, however he is stating many sheriff’s are behind him. Don’t you think he has that backwards too? He is suppose to announce it sometime within the next months. We all know what he is going to do, he is too obvious.

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