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10 Reasons To Be Thankful

Posted by firephillkline on November 23, 2005

10. Bush can’t run again

9. The Kansas republican party is in shambles

8. The state board of education members face election in less than a year

7. Moran decided not to run for gov

6. The blogsphere

5. Brownback is running for president (and will finally be brought back to reality)

4. The ultra conservative republicans really believe they are the mouthpiece for the entire state – and will find out themselves what they really are in the 2006 elections

3. There are no electable republican candidates running for governor or against congressman Dennis Moore

2. Paul Morrison is running for attorney general

1. Phill Kline continues to use his office to pursue a narrow political agenda- and will be fired because of it

6 Responses to “10 Reasons To Be Thankful”

  1. Anonymous said

    Robin Jennison could beat Kathleen Sebelius. I’ve heard that her staff is very, very worried about facing him.

    Jennison or Barnett is capable of beating Sebelius, as she only won with 53% last time.

  2. Anonymous said

    Give me a break-Kathleen is unbeatable! Keep the woman in office-she is doing a great job. She has raised the troopers salaries tremendously.

    What about the KBI?? Isn’t Phill over the KBI? I get the legislatures set the monies, but Phill loves to stow away money for his campaign….oh, wait, that’s not legal is it??? Hmm…maybe he should have an audit!

    Great top 10 by the way.

  3. Anonymous said

    At least this website can finish a top ten list. Some other Kansas political blogs can’t even do that.

  4. Anonymous said

    Unfortunately this website can’t even think up an original name. Some other blogs were able to do so. Keep up the good work. You’ll always be the second best, if you’re lucky.

  5. Anonymous said

    Second best-please…this site gets great feed and not only that-it finally gives the Kansans a chance to tell Phill Kline we are sick of his tactics.

  6. Anonymous said

    By the way…the “other side” keeps coming back. So the site must be doing something right. 🙂

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