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Right Wing Wacko Trading Cards!

Posted by firephillkline on November 28, 2005

Read the article that features this priceless trading card mock-up right here.

We wonder who else the ultra radical right would like to see on a playing card. Any ideas?

How about Jesse Helms? Strom Thurmond? Hitler?

We’d say someone like James Warren (Jim) Jones would be the prize ‘get’ in the whole pack. Sounds like a money making opportunity for someone out there.

11 Responses to “Right Wing Wacko Trading Cards!”

  1. Anonymous said

    This is great! I think someone should print up a set of these to sell on ebay or something!

    Maybe you could sell them with a prayer card instead of a stick of gum like the old Topps baseball cards!

  2. Anonymous said

    Yes. great idea. I’d buy a set- and give them away as Christmas gifts. I really would.

    (notice I did capitalize Christmas. Even progressives can recongnize and practice religion, contrary to what others may have you belive.)

  3. Anonymous said

    OMG! I’m still laughing! The thought of right winger trading cards is priceless! All I can think about is a bunch of conservatives lining up outside a conservatives office waiting for an autograph!

    For what it’s worth, I consider myself conservative, but the trading cards idea is just too funny! Sometimes you have to laugh at yourselves.

    I don;t agree with 70% of your posts, but I do call a spade a spade. This post is funny.

  4. Anonymous said Someone will have it by the end of the day. Just wait.

    I’d pay $20 for a Fire Phill Kline t-shirt or hoodie.

  5. Anonymous said

    You guys should start a cafe press store with FirePhillKline logowear.

  6. Anonymous said

    This is absolutely great! I loved that article. Such a great and true article exposing Kline.

  7. Anonymous said

    Good luck selling them.

    No one wants anything to do with what you are doing. This stunt is in bad taste and you should stop.

  8. Anonymous said

    Check out the last post. Now THAT’S funny!

  9. Anonymous said

    I’m glad you guys don’t take yourselves so seriously. I really like the trading card idea.

    This blog is a nice break from the norm, even though it has great information.

  10. Anonymous said

    It’s funny how some people post things saying no-one wants to do anything with this blog, yet they post something. Explain that one!

  11. Anonymous said


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