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Convicted Felon Gives Thousands to Kline Via Illegal Scheme? – Updated

Posted by firephillkline on November 29, 2005

***Breaking news***

According to sources, recently convicted Kansas City mortgage banker John Myers, who was indicted and convicted along with co-conspirator Adam Taff, has conributed several thousand dollars to the election cofferes of Phill Kline.

Our source has indicated the contributions came in via a shell game; one where Myers gave Kline thousands of dollars of his own money by funneling the contributions through one of his many front companies, a clear violation of campaign finance regulations.

Our source claims this information has been entered as evidence in United States Federal Court as part of the legal proceedings involving both Myers and Taff. As part of a plea arrangement, Myers has apparently detailed his shell game to federal prosecutors that invloved several area political candidates in exchange for the prosecutor remaining silent at sentencing.

This is apprarently not simply a case of a rich donor using several entities to legally give money to a candidate. This is much more involved. Our source says current and former Kline staff members may have been involved in the scheme.

This could be a HUGE blow for Kline, not to mention it could put him in hot water with the ethics commission. He might be fired quicker than we origianlly expected.

We are trying to get paper confirmation of the evidence. Since pleas have been entered, we belive the evidence may be available for public inspection.
Stay tuned for more details.

Please remember that anyone under suspicion for campaign finance and other legal violations are considered innocent until proven guilty. But it sure is fun to speculate what will happen to Kline when his scheme is revealed.

26 Responses to “Convicted Felon Gives Thousands to Kline Via Illegal Scheme? – Updated”

  1. Stumbled across your site randomly. Hi from a fellow Lawrence blogger also interested in seeing Kline go down. He won my first-ever Scumbag of the Month award, back when I started blogging early this year.

    Keep it up!

    -Rob (The Un-Apologetic Atheist)

  2. Anonymous said

    Is this for real? If it is, Kline is finished. Maybe he and Scooter Libby could share a cell in Leavenworth.

    Holy crap. This is huge.

  3. Anonymous said

    Do you know who the federal prosecutor is in the Taff and Myers case? I might be able to help get you the confirmation, assuming it’s a prosecutor that I am familiar with.

  4. Anonymous said

    Good stuff, FPK. I’d like to email some information on what recently happened when Kline tried to make a statement in court during the Kauffman trial, in Hutchinson, I believe. You’ll love it. Where can I send it?

  5. Anonymous said

    I’m not sure the evidence will be made public before the sentencing phase has been completed. In a federal court, the judge and sometimes, the prosecutor has wide discretion over the release of ANY type of evidence and routinely deny public request until the case has been resolved.

    I have a call into the clerks office at the Dole building in KCK for clarification and direction. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  6. Thanks for your willingness to provide information on Kline.

    Anyone can send us email at We do our best to get back to you, but our class schedule doesn’t always let us do that for a day or two.

  7. We have an email out to our source to find out more details about the Myers case. It may be tomorrow before we have anything available for you.

  8. Anonymous said

    I hope the Eagle or Cap Journal follow this story. I’m really getting sick of the non story involving the KU teacher and evolution. Mayb they can get details on the contributions easier than your sources. they probably know people there.

  9. Anonymous said


  10. Anonymous said

    the germans are coming
    the germans are coming

    oh noooooooooooooooo

  11. Anonymous said


  12. Anonymous said

    Some other blogs have speculated that this could be an attempt by the prosecutor to find the bigger fish. I dont think that is the case.

    Just because Myers gave Kline contributions through his companies, doesn;t make it illegal. What would be illegal is if there is a documentable trail that shows either Kline or Myers engaged in activity with the intent to get around the ethics rules.

    I doubt they can prove this, but if Myers gave Kline substantial contributions, it will be a public relations nightmare for Kline.

  13. Anonymous said

    This kind of news is quite remarkable. Gone are the days where a politician can think he or she is able to do or say anything in private.

    By reading the comments in this and other threads, its obvious Kline has some insider leakage.

    I think we will only hear more about Kline and almost every other politician in an entirely different light because of the web and anonymity of blogging.

    I think its a very good thing to have more transparency- on both sides.

  14. Anonymous said

    This is great! Finally Kline’s illegal campaigning is coming out! I knew it would in time. Keep up the info.
    The news should know about this-or do they already?

    It is kind of weird he hires all of these new political hires in his office right before campaign season-don’t you think? He has them spread all over the entire office-not in just one area either. However, the majority of secret info and political appointees is on his floor where they think no-one hears anything. I do believe the insider is coming out to bite him in the butt. Don’t screw with Kansans Kline-we are sick of it!

  15. Anonymous said

    Hmmmm. I know that Kathleen raised a lot of money the same way, rich families where every family member gives and all their businesses give to her campaign. I should know, I worked for her campaign!

    Kathleen also received money from David Wittig and Westar and Wittig had a fundraiser for Kathleen in the Hamptons.

    Anything you throw at Kline could rebound and come at Kathleen.

    Do you really want that?

  16. Anonymous said

    Uh, I really don’t think the name of this blog is firekathleensebelius.

    If you can find doucmentable proof of an ethical or criminal offense against the governor, start your own blog or tell it to the media.

  17. Anonymous said

    The Previous Anonymous is right–we could be opening up a can of worms.

    On July 28, 2002 the Topeka Capital Journal Reported:

    “For example, Sebelius last year attended a dinner party at the seaside vacation home of Westar Energy chairman David Wittig.

    Sebelius — who counts Wittig and his wife, Beth, as friends — said at the time that speaking engagements in Chicago and Baltimore made it convenient for her to accept the couple’s invitation to visit their getaway home in the Hamptons and “meet some of their New York friends.”

    Before coming to Topeka, both David and Beth Wittig enjoyed successful careers on Wall Street. Sebelius’ friendship with the couple may gain her access to their long-standing connections within the New York business community, which could prove financially valuable in her bid to be governor.

    But some critics believe a cozy relationship with the embattled president and chief executive officer of Westar could be a political liability.”

    And then this from the Lawrence Journal World on December 5, 2003:

    “During Sebelius’ 2002 campaign for governor, she acknowledged she counted Wittig and his wife as friends.

    In 1998 and 1999, Sebelius received $5,000 in campaign contributions from the Wittigs.”

    If we push the Myers Kline too hard, it will rebound into the Sebelius Wittig.

    Do we really want that?

  18. Anonymous said

    I want Kline to go down so badly that I really don’t care what happens to Sebelius.

  19. Anonymous said

    Again, where does it say in the article that Sebelius and Wittig were plotting to get her money by violating ethics laws?

    Typical conservative ad hominem attack. Anything to steer clear of the real issue- Kline and his fraudulent past.

    Not running away from this one, spinster. You have no idea how much more dirt we can give this blog. If you want to make it a Sebelius versus Kline blog, BRING IT ON.

    Do YOU really want to open up a can of worms?

  20. Anonymous said

    If you push Sebelius/Wittig, we’re ready for a long list of GOP candidates who have accepted money from worse individuals and organizations. Just say the word and we’ll open the floodgates.

  21. Anonymous said

    Easy guys. Keep your eye on the ball. It’s Kline this blog is about. Don’t get distracted by the GOP spin machine.

    How are things at party headquarters, spinster? How about that boss of yours? Real winner you have there. I wonder if he has taken his ball and gone home yet. Poor guy. No friends. Who would blame him for wanting to quit and go home. Shucks.

  22. Anonymous said

    It is always easier to destroy than to build up. Furthermore, given the scandal of a heavily-biased media machine, not much effort is needed to destroy statesmen who stand up for the values that once defined America. The Vandals are here. Read on.

  23. Anonymous said

    I’m sure I speak for the vast majority that read this blog: we will most certainly READ ON.

    We can’t wait to see what other facts tarnish the golden dome of Kline.

    No glass houses here. Its all about exposing Kline for the shyster he is.

    Then again, I dont want to speak for the folks behind this blog.

  24. Anonymous said

    Why would Federal prosecutors care about state campaign finance laws?

    I checked out Myer’s political contributions on and found he gave a lot of money to Taff, some to Bush and some to a McEwen guy.Most to Taff.

  25. Anonymous said

    Yeah. I’m sure thats what Taff and Myers supporters said. In that case, it was simply a case of fraud- no money changed hands. Just a case of taking money out of the bank and putting it back in. No one was harmed, right? Slap a wire fraud charge in there and both are looking at prison time. All for a little harmless stunt to get a mortgage.

    In the Kline case, its not simply about a person giving for than the allowable limit- its about the intent to deceive and cover it up and about getting other people to give Kline money after Myers gave it to them. Its not simply a Myers and Kline issue.

    I doubt we’ll see Kline indicted or anything, (we’ll have to wait and see what if anything has been done) but what is clear is that Myers has shown a willingness to ‘bend the rules’. If Kline knew about this and failed to either stop or report it, he is part of the problem.

    I would really like to hear what Kline has to say about all this. Hopefully a reporter out there will get us the answer.

  26. Anonymous said

    For the poster who asked who the prosecutors were in USA v. Taff/Myers:

    Leon Patton, Assistant US Attorney
    Marietta Parker, Supervisory Asst. US Attorney

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