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Ask the Question

Posted by firephillkline on November 30, 2005

Our post from yesterday generated a wide range of responses and coverage.

To satisfy the curiosity of the small group of doubters, we need help from a local or regional media member to ask the following questions:

Has your campaign accepted money from John Myers- either directly or through another entitiy? Do you know John Myers? Has he donated to any of your PAC’s or other funds? Have you ever met John Myers or spoken to him over the phone? How frequently? Above all else, to the best of your knowledge, Mr. Kline, has John Myers contributed to your campaign at anytime in the past five years?

We know there are number of media reps who read this blog. In fact, a Topeka TV reporter has posted here before and we have received email from two major Kansas newspapers. Pick up the phone and call the press department in the attorney general’s office. His Web site says Whitney Watson is communications director and presumably the person who fields media inquiries. If she doesn’t want to help, ask to speak to Kline himself. If heisn’t available, ask to speak to his campaign treasurer.

We stand firm in our claim that Myers has been a very large contributor to Kline. An email received late yesterday offered to confirm this by providing a Kline fundraising event invitation with Myers being the host at a Lake Quivira address. He also explained a project which allowed Myers to give even more than we originally thought through grouping money with other donors to support conservative candidates statewide.

More details to follow.

Ask the question.

7 Responses to “Ask the Question”

  1. Anonymous said

    Very good idea. Make Kline deny any relationship to end the speculation. I suspect he will have ‘no comment’.

    Although, a no comment comment will speak volumes.

    Keep digging. I’ll be watching and waiting for your guys to expose little Hitler for who he really is.

  2. Anonymous said

    Check out and Open Secrets lists John Myers as the owner of “National Mortgage Company” which, according to Follow the Money, donated $6,000 to Kline’s campaign in 2002. /StateGlance/candidate.phtml?si= 200216&c=56710

  3. Anonymous said

    There is a connection.

    See: Quickstar/Amway connection

    See: National Mortgage Company

    Hundreds of Quickstar volunteers handing out Kline info during last election- even at chruches. they were placing politcal flyers on windshields and handing them out to passers by.

    Keep digging. its all there.

    Trust me.

  4. Anonymous said

    Follow the Money also cites Myers as maxing out his individual limits to Kline in 2002. That’s $2,000 in the primary and $2,000 in the general.

  5. Anonymous said

    So that’s a total of at least 8,000- that is public. Who knows how much is ‘under the table’.

  6. Anonymous said

    Uh, make that AT LEAST 10 grand. 6+2+2 is 10. You must have gone to KU.


  7. Anonymous said

    I’ve dealt with the press shop in Kline’s office. Don’t expect any of them to help or respond anyway but agressively. (But if they do, you can surmise they are worried.)

    Kline and conservatives complain about poor media coverage. I wonder why.

    And by the way, Whitney Watson is a guy.

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