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‘Mass’ Props

Posted by firephillkline on December 1, 2005

Thanks to all the legal eagles who have been offering help and advice. We’ll continue to need your help to obtain future documents or to point us in the right direction. So, if we didn’t respond to your offer, we will soon.

Spreading the work around will help everyone remain anonymous.

4 Responses to “‘Mass’ Props”

  1. Anonymous said

    So, it’s his first time to argue in front of the US Supreme Court-good luck with that Phill! The Justices will eat him alive.

  2. Anonymous said

    Actually, it’s his first time in front of a appelate court of any kind, not to mention hes never been in front of a jury for any type of trial.

  3. Anonymous said

    So facinating the Attorney General of our state doesn’t know what he’s doing. Wonder who will be sitting with him at the table to tell him what to say? Probably another political person for his campaign purposes.

  4. Anonymous said

    I’ve been told that Ted Olson, the former Solicitor General of the United States will be sitting at the table with him. Also, Nola Foulston, the Sedgwick County D.A., and one of the Assistant Attorneys General will be at the table. Sorry to disappoint, but no political hacks (at least not at the table).

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