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Confidentiality and Identification

Posted by firephillkline on December 2, 2005

We have received some rather interesting tips over the past couple days regarding Kline or his associates. Some are obviously fake, but others may turn out to be factual. In order to determine this, we use a few different techniques.

One of the first methods we use to validate the claims are to validate where the poster/emailer is geographically located and other identifying information specific to where the post/email originated.

For example, we can tell generally within a 36 block radius (sometimes much more accurate) where the computer from which the message was sent.

A great feature of a module we use on this blog is the visitor reporting tool.

We are able to see pretty much anything we want. For those of you who know what a MAC address is, we can also see what yours is and compare it against a database that tracks MAC usage.

We know the browser you use, your operating system, your internet access provider and yes, your location, to a degree. (It’s amazing to use the newer data mining techniques to research this type of data.) In short, any blog or casual web site owner can identify you, if they really want to. There is NO anonymity on the internet. Period.

To illustrate, we can tell you that last night, we had visitors from Atchison to Pittsburg to Salina to Shawnee, and other points. The Atchison visitor used a computer located at 825 Edmond St. and used Charter Communications for internet access. The Shawnee visitor was located close to K-7 and uses RoadRunner. The Salina visitor accessed a terminal at a high school running IE 6 with service pack 1 installed (note to user- time to visit Windows Update). We could say more, but we do want to protect the anonymity of everyone. But rest assured, we’ll be able to separate fact from fiction.

Yesterday, for example, 27 (maybe more) visitors were accessing this blog from computers in Memorial Hall in Topeka, Kansas, strictly based on IP address. We are assuming most of the users were also using newer computers based on the category of MAC addresses. Anyone care to confirm this? Incidentally, Memorial Hall is where the attorney general’s offices are. Oddly, four computers in that office were responsible for nearly 10 percent of the overall hits we have received this week…

For what it’s worth, we do not collect your data for any other reason than to validate who you are. We don’t sell it, give it away, etc. What happens here, stays here.

Check back later for the plea agreement.

4 Responses to “Confidentiality and Identification”

  1. Anonymous said

    Cool by me. I love your blog, but I hope you dont lose your focus and worry about people complaining about your speling. Myne iznt gud eithur.

    Many other formerly popular progressive and lib blogs have been hit by a compelling feeling to move to the center or talk about topics not originally intented to be discussed in the blog.

    Keep it real, FPK.

  2. Anonymous said

    I so did this blog site. It doesn’t matter who runs the blog, but what Kansans say about FPK that matters. That is the focus-and I agree with the previous post-keep it real!

  3. 2nd Guess said

    Would whatever immature hacker who stole the 2ndguesses blog please send the password to

  4. Narrow blood vessels lie alongside the intestines of the earthworm and they absorb the nutrients from the alimentary canal feeding the rest of the body.
    Anna had been looking through my phone while I was naked.

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