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The End is Near

Posted by firephillkline on December 7, 2005

Sorry for the lack of posting activity, but we are nearing the end of the semester- and that means finals. Hooray! Yipee!

Sarcasm aside, we’ll be posting more soon on Kline’s SCOTUS appearance today. There is conflicting information on whether or not Kline is the one arguing or if it is Jared Maag, the former SCOTUS intern/fellow. We hope to have confirmation later today.

If it’s true that Maag is the man, we applaud attorney general Kline for realizing his lack of courtroom exerience might not be a good thing for the State.

We know- hell must be freezing over.

9 Responses to “The End is Near”

  1. Anonymous said

    Been there, done that. Good luck at finals.

    Target has a sale on espresso machines. 😉

  2. Anonymous said

    Well, as stated earlier, if Kline does it-he’s inexperienced, but if Maag does it-he’s experienced, yet Kline cowarded out and knew he isn’t the man for the job. Either way-screwed.

    Maybe we should hire Maag for AG!

  3. Anonymous said

    Not a bad idea. I would certainly support him – resume unseen – rather than Kline.

  4. Anonymous said

    If Kline isn’t arguing, I’m sure its only a matter of time before he claims he did on the campaign trail. Media whore is right.

  5. Anonymous said

    Maag would make a great AG

  6. JustCara said

    According to this recent KC Star-Pravda article, Kline presented the state’s oral argument.

  7. Anonymous said

    Has anybody heard if he made a fool of himself? As if it could have happened any other way!

  8. Anonymous said

    I hear he hit a resounding home run. No surprise there, he is hotter than hell behind a podium. As Benedict Morrison will find out at the debates.

  9. Anonymous said

    It’s probably not HIM that hit a home run, but the 120,000 of outside counsel and Maag to hit the home run..if that’s what you want to call a lot of lives at stake here.

    Morrison at least knows how to argue the law-probably by himself too. Instead Phill has to spend so much of OUR money, when he should be the one who knows more about the law as the states Attorney General. So sad!

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