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Choking on Breakfast

Posted by firephillkline on December 12, 2005

This one is too good not to mention. If you have been following the creationism/junk science/intelligent design/evolution debate debacle, you will definitely appreciate this post.

The other half of this site chocked on her breakfast after reading the following comment in Saturday’s Journal-World:

“Altevogt said he sees himself as giving voice to conservatives who he said are often painted as lunatics or idiots.”

If you have read what Altevogt has said recently you will also laugh whenever you read or think about the comment above. John ‘Mr. Hypocrisy’ Altevogt says Professor Mirecki is a bigot and Nazi, but it’s not OK in Altevogt’s parallel universe for anyone else to use those words or similar characterizations when describing causes or initiatives he supports. Hello Mr. Pot. Meet Mr. Kettle. Why, John, would anyone EVER think uber-cons like you and puppet master Phill Kline are lunatics or idiots? Poor guy. Must be another case of an unfair and biased media. We cry with you, John.

For what it’s worth, we think Altevogt is challenging Phill Kline for the ‘Likes to Hear Himself Talk’ award. Is there anyone who is more attention and media hungry that either of these two egomaniacs?


We have a guest blogger coming in tomorrow. You’ll really like what this little lady has to say.

P.S. -Is anyone up for a Kline/Altevogt gubernatorial ticket? How about a Kline/Geitzen ticket?

16 Responses to “Choking on Breakfast”

  1. Anonymous said

    It’s my understading that Gietzen and Kline don’t get along. Anyone else hear that?

  2. Anonymous said

    Nope- because they get along just fine.

    Kline’s spinsters would like to have you belive Kline and Geitzen are practacilly enemies- because any perception that Kline and Geitzen are pals will be very damaging when it comes to win the needed moderate vote in November. Good luck with that.

    Fact is, Kline is worried about being labeled even more radical than he is. Has Geitzen said anything that Kline does not agree with? If so, why haven’t we heard from Kline? Why is the highest elected republican state official silent on the Geitzen/KRA mess? Because he agrees 100 percent with Geitzen- or he’s too gutless to take a stand.

    Hey FPK- how about telling us where the first poster is from?

  3. Anonymous said

    Bingo. You can bet Kline and Gietzen are closet buddies. Sorry. That sounds funny.

    Heres the mess- Shallenburger is Klines bitch- Gietzen is attacking Shallenburger. Just wait- Shallenburger wets himself and resigns and Geitzen takes over the party. They all want you to think there is a big war between them but they are all in this scam together.


  4. Anonymous said

    Its nice to have people talking on this site again.

  5. Unknown said

    For whatever its worth….

    Lawrence Journal World– December 4, 2005

    Shallenburger, who ran against Sebelius in 2002, has been under fire for taking a “big tent” approach to party politics.

    At a November meeting of the Pachyderm Club in Wichita, Gietzen criticized Shallenburger for welcoming pro-abortion officials into the party. A few days later, Shallenburger reportedly offered his resignation to party officials.

    On Saturday, the executive committee — including Atty. Gen. Phill Kline, State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh and House Speaker Doug Mays — was unanimous in a voice vote offering support to Shallenburger as party chairman.

    GOP leaders are clearly frustrated at the attention paid to party squabbles. Kline noted that several Kansas Democrats were among the law enforcement officers who recently endorsed his 2006 re-election.

    “You ought to call the Democratic chairman,” Kline said, “and ask about the split in the Democratic Party.”

  6. Anonymous said

    Seems it might be easier to hold a conspiracy together when sodomy and child killing are headliners.

  7. Rambis Forever said

    At least Altevogt and Kline believe in Christmas. Unlike State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins.

    Check out her latest column:

    She is a General in the War on Christmas! Boycott Jenkins!

    No wonder her former toadie Ryan Wright is now the head of that liberal Republican group.

  8. Anonymous said

    thats funny! how about a firelynnjenkins blog? 🙂

  9. Anonymous said

    Lynn Jenkins isn’t tall enough to be Governor or go to Washington. Her new ‘toadie’ Wagaman id Anti-Women.

    Ryan Wright was Anti-work which is why he was asked to leave Jenkins. No one seems to know why he lwft Jerry Moron’s office, but he obviously found a home with that new liberal ‘Steve Cloud’ group.

  10. Anonymous said

    What is the deal with Steve Cloud?

  11. Anonymous said

    good point before about kline being silent. either he totally agrees with Geitzen or he’s too much of a red ass to do or say anything about it.

    i don’t support or oppose Kline, but why does he always remind me of hitler? give him the little mustache and he’s a spitting image.

    and as for the vote of confidence, what else do you really expect? my money is on shallenburger to quit at kansas day.

    i really care not about lynn jenkins or her former employees. this blog should be about kline. the original post is a stretch whether or not it has to do with kline, but there is no denying the link between kline, gietzen and altevogt. birds of a feather…

  12. As we have said before, we will not share tracking data on visitors to this blog, especially who they are and where they are located.

    Although we can idenfity with precision where a visitor is posting from, we feel who visits and posts here could be a story in itself. For that reason, we are reluctant to share too much information with our readers.

    For example, even though we logged the IP from the first post as coming from the attorney general’s office, we would never come right out and say someone from the attorney generals office posted the first comment.


  13. Anonymous said

    How often do you choke on your breakfast while reading the statements of your elected (as opposed to a self-appointed attention-seeker) leader Howard Dean?

  14. Anonymous said

    Nice try to avoid talking about how radical Kline is. Typical republican response when confronted with facts they don’t want to hear- find someone else to pick on to deflect the attention.

    Don’t worry- I bet this blog will be around until Kline is beat next November exposing him for the fraud he is. A reference to Howard Dean will only be lost in the deluge of Kline dirty water.

  15. If only more than 69 people would hear this.

  16.’s done it once more! Amazing writing!

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