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Kline Losing Support From Republicans

Posted by firephillkline on February 23, 2006

Soon to be elected Attorney General Paul Morrison has officially announced his campaign leadership team.

We’re sure the Kline apologists will be trying to make Parkinson out to be an evil bastard because of a friendship he has with Paul.

Good for Parkinson. At least he is one Republican who is honest enough with himself to do the right thing. He has to know he will be attacked and trashed by the Kline cronies.

What would you do if a lifelong friend called you and asked you to support his candidacy against a radical ego maniac like Kline – regardless of political affiliation?

We wonder if Kline has ever had a Democrat support him and if he and his cronies told him he was betraying his party….


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Kline Facing Ethical Violation

Posted by firephillkline on February 20, 2006

Looks like Kline is about to get slapped by the Kansas Ethics Commission.

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Morrison Going on Tour

Posted by firephillkline on February 17, 2006

Check out Reality Bytes for more information on the next Attorney General of Kansas.

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Kline In Yet More Trouble?

Posted by firephillkline on February 15, 2006

The recent posts over at Reality Bytes talk about an issue discussed here before: Kline and his staff’s trouble with the Ethics Commissioner.

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What Others Say

Posted by firephillkline on February 10, 2006

Looks like we are not the only one’s in the Blogsphere not pleased with Kline’s latest attempt to define sex, who can have it and how heavy petting is possibly acceptable under certain circumstances. Today we are including a list of others who share our view that Kline is nothing more than a puppet for the religious right and is only interested in what will get him elected again.

Below is a list of Blogs who have recently posted about Kline’s latest pandering attempts.

Blue Collar Politics

Reality Bytes


News Hounds

Have a link you want added? Drop us a line at

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Our new logo

Posted by firephillkline on February 3, 2006

Soon to appear on a t-shirt near you.

FPK Logo

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Smells Like Teen Snogging: Kansas’ wacky attorney general smells sex everywhere

Posted by firephillkline on February 3, 2006

Check out this great article at Here is a sample:

“Kline takes the not-illogical position that since all consensual teen sex is criminal, all teen abortion records provide vital evidence of that crime. Why, then, doesn’t he subpoena all hospital records for evidence of all teen births? Is it possible that he is less interested in pursuing the real crime of teen sex than the non-crime of abortion? In two and a half years Kline’s sweeping assertion that all health-care providers must report all teen intimate activity has morphed into demands for reports of consensual teenage sex that result in abortions. Which leads to the conclusion that the Kansas reporting law isn’t intended to increase reports of child abuse, but to increase reports of teen sex—specifically from abortion providers. Which means that this law—along with Kline’s attempts to subpoena state abortion records and force Kansas doctors performing abortions on girls under 14 to preserve fetal tissue—is part of the attorney general’s single-minded use of his vast authority in the sole interest of hassling Kansas’ abortion providers.”

Ouch. Another bitch slap. Sucks to be you Philly.

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Posted by firephillkline on February 3, 2006

After getting waaaaaay too much email asking us what has been going recently, we decided to dedicate a few hours today and over the weekend to update the site. Check back later today for info on this mornings supreme court decision- another bitch slap on Kline.

It’s good to be back. We sure have a lot to catch up everyone on.

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