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Our new logo

Posted by firephillkline on February 3, 2006

Soon to appear on a t-shirt near you.

FPK Logo

6 Responses to “Our new logo”

  1. Lucy said

    I want! I want! When and where can I order one??????

  2. charles said


  3. P. Diddy said

    Another new blog:

    Thank you, FPK, for not ‘monitoring’ and ‘approving’ comments before they are posted, unlike a number of so-called political blogs. While I think you are full of it most of the time, I do respect you two for not censoring posts.

  4. Jay said

    Holy shit! That is fucking awesome! Email me off the list and I’ll take five of them right now. I’m serious.

  5. Pober said

    Very nice logo for t-shirt. I’ll take two in XL.

  6. Tshirts said

    Tshirts here:

    I got fed up with waiting and designed my own.

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