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Smells Like Teen Snogging: Kansas’ wacky attorney general smells sex everywhere

Posted by firephillkline on February 3, 2006

Check out this great article at Here is a sample:

“Kline takes the not-illogical position that since all consensual teen sex is criminal, all teen abortion records provide vital evidence of that crime. Why, then, doesn’t he subpoena all hospital records for evidence of all teen births? Is it possible that he is less interested in pursuing the real crime of teen sex than the non-crime of abortion? In two and a half years Kline’s sweeping assertion that all health-care providers must report all teen intimate activity has morphed into demands for reports of consensual teenage sex that result in abortions. Which leads to the conclusion that the Kansas reporting law isn’t intended to increase reports of child abuse, but to increase reports of teen sex—specifically from abortion providers. Which means that this law—along with Kline’s attempts to subpoena state abortion records and force Kansas doctors performing abortions on girls under 14 to preserve fetal tissue—is part of the attorney general’s single-minded use of his vast authority in the sole interest of hassling Kansas’ abortion providers.”

Ouch. Another bitch slap. Sucks to be you Philly.

8 Responses to “Smells Like Teen Snogging: Kansas’ wacky attorney general smells sex everywhere”

  1. Ray said

    If we continue to state how the “government” should tell citizens of the United States how to run their households, we are going to have a MASSIVE baby boom on our hands. Kids, teenagers, etc. will not come forward anymore to discuss any kind of sexual question, only when they get pregnant. Moreover, they will then only come forward to find out how we, as taxpayers, are going to pay for their child that no-one help prevent by not talking and why? Becasue we are too worried about the real issue-Kline hating abortion clinics.

    Get over it Kline-kids are having sex and what you need to focus on is preventive measures like birth control not controling the lives of kids that are not yours. Just wait until you are a father of a teenager….you will see how this works.

    Whether I believe in abortion or not, that is not the issue. Of course, I want our children protected from preditors, but if you are a child that was sexually abused, you will know, statistically the majority of kids that are abused, do not just come forward that easy. The kids that are having sex consensually are the ones asking for birth control and are okay with talking about it.

    And, if two teenagers are having consensual sex-who is to blame? The male or female? Or are you going to lock up both? Not to mention, they are not going to tell you the truth on the stand, therefore no real evidence, so let it go. And do you really want to get SRS involved in every case of sex? Like they don’t have enough to do. Let’s focus on the child murders that are happening in the state that slipped through the cracks. Have you ever had SRS called on your family? I have not and would not like that just because my child was curious and wanted to talk to a professional about sex I get a call and now SRS is involved in our lives. It is not something you want to happen-especially when YOU are the parent-not the government. That you can not erase from people’s lives. There’s more to it, then SRS can screen the calls. Work there for a day and you will see-it’s not just that easy. Or be a parent who they call and now the neighborhood wonders why SRS is at your door.

    Open the line of communciation-don’t close it-if you keep persuing this-you are the one to blame when we see massive pregnancies to come. Are you going to pay for the kids or adopt them when they start coming? Doubt it!

  2. charles said

    Did you see the news on Kline being rejected!!! Wow, that’s a massive slap in the face.

  3. Letstalk said

    A birth explosion would be a great thing about now. Else the pyramid-ponzi scheme we call Social Security is going to collapse by the time the boomers are half way thru, the joke will be on the later boomes and x-ers who paid in to get—- nada.

    So our love affair with abortion and contraception are coming with a great social cost. Me first for life may equate to me last when the final scene opens. Thus is the social cost of narcistic society.

    As for sexual predators, I think we all (make that most of us) agree that they should be punished severely. Here is the $10,000 question….how do we catch them? When the take their victims to PP to get the pills? To get checked for STDs? To get an abortion? Not a bad idea. Does it work that way? I have never heard of it if it does.

    Guessing that so blowing the whistle would be bad for business and draw down upon the doctor or clinic officials the full and mindless wrath of the movement to protect “choice” no matter the cost.

    The goddess of choice demands victims now and then. A botched here that could have been renderded less likely had the clinics been regulated as to health and cleanliness…..some eggs must be broken, She is a sacrifice choice demanded. A pedophile there that goes undetected since he was able to get his offspring silently aborted so his little girl would not tell……some eggs must be broken. She is another sacrice to the goddess. A screwed up demographic that results in a birth dearth that results in a social collapse when the boomers hit 70…..some eggs must be broken. The goodess of choice is making us a wonderful self-serving omelet. Forget social responsibilty, she gives us FREEDOM!!!!! Let us eat, drink and procreate without responsibility tonight, for tomorrow the bill comes due.

  4. Letstalk said

    Well, well, nothing like cold hard logic to shut down discussions on liberal boards. Guess y’all can talk all day about what you feel, but when the discussion gets down to making the social order actually function, well sir, then its time for tradition to take the helm. NEWSFLASH! Tradition is dying, by popular demand. Brave New World dead ahead. (Please fasten your seatbelts, the ride is bound to get quite bumpy.)

  5. Sue said

    So, “lets talk” is saying it would be good to have a baby boom to help SS? So, basically money is more important than helping prevent pregancy.

    How do we prevent pregnancies? Educate them-not close the communciation gab-like Kline is wanting to do.

    Logic to shut down discussions on liberal boards? No, just liberals work their butts off to take care of their families, while conservatives just talk about what they want to do and do nothing to help the situation.

    Whether I personally believe in abortion or not, is not the issue-rapes, incest, molestations occur, and what you are saying is to have the women keep those babies or put them up for adoption. Either way, there are consequences-abortion, adoption, or keeping the child. But, as a women I think I should have that choice.

  6. Letstalk said

    Prevent pregnancies or terminate the same, Sue? It is a distinction with a difference — if you are the little one being sent thru the vacuum cleaner and into the sewer system.

    I do not put money ahead of life, just making an observation about our demographics that others have made, but that few, and especially the pro-abortion minded, want to notice. Ask the Germans and French about their startling future. Few little krauts and few little froggies is adding up to a shift in demographics that will rock their social order. ZPG has dividends, and they are about as profitable as General Motor’s.

    As for liberals working their butts off for their families, pullleeeassse! Even the author of What’s the Matter with Kansas does not try to create that stereotype out of thin air! Limo liberals in Cupcake land live to impose their “we know better than the rubes” moral sentiments on us all, and especially upon the hapless unborn.

  7. Robert said

    I agree with Sue here Let’stalk. She is not saying anything about what she personally believes in abortion-she is saying that as a woman, she should have that choice. I mean, come on, I am a man, you probably are too, and should we really say whether a woman who has been raped should have to keep a child? Not for us to say, unless you have been in that situation, and if you are a man, you have not, because if you have, you are the rapist, which I doubt a rapist is going to take responsibility.

    It sounds though as you, Letstalk, have been a part of the observation on social security and losing money. I don’t know if you’ve worked in the child welfare system, I’m assuming not, because if you did, you would know there are thousands of kids going through foster care and being abused on a daily basis. I have seen some horrific things in my time and to say give them up for adoption, is not an easy thing to do.

    So, if the people that say, like you, keep the children, have the babies, be sexist and tell women what they should do with their bodies, and just have the baby and give it up for adoption-then you take care of the foster care and adoption problem we have going on in this country.

    And I believe it was you, Letstalk, that said logic was shutting down the liberal boards, (apparently you think your logic somehow). How do you know this is a liberal board really, it could be another person Kline pissed off. He seems to do that with both parties.

  8. Letstalk said

    Robert, many fine points, all worthy of consideration. Dialogue is good, thanks.

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