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Morrison Going on Tour

Posted by firephillkline on February 17, 2006

Check out Reality Bytes for more information on the next Attorney General of Kansas.

5 Responses to “Morrison Going on Tour”

  1. Letstalk said

    I would talk to any of you if you wanted to. Brad the bard-hater says I will not. But check it out…..see my comments under Adolph. I am willing to talk, it is just that the Brad’s and Jack’s of the world would rather be cruel to artists like me, Robert Zimmerman and Mr. Floyd.

    Oh, and Paul Morrison is a fine crime fighter, at least when he is not lobbying for the early release of hardened criminals for the sake of effeciency.

  2. Rob said

    I can’t wait for Morrison’s rally. He has over a 98% conviction rate, which is more than Kline, in fact, I think just trying one trial is more than Kline-haha He is a good man with lawmaking experience and the good of Kansans at heart-unlike Kline who is all about politics and himself.


  3. Letstalk said

    It’s too bad that Kline’s team double dribbled on the ethics front, for were it not for that Morrison’s coming out party would have fallen pretty well flat most everywhere expept in cupcake land. Only because of the screw up on team Kline did Morrison get much more than a yawn in most quarters.

  4. Sue said

    I wouldn’t say that….were you at any of the events? They were great!

    Sad that the current AG has any ethics problems regardless of the tour. Does that even sound right? The top law enforcement person has ethics violations? Um, no!

    I love the bi-partisan co-chairs on team Morrison. What does Kline have? Has he even announced he’s running? All I hear about him is negative press.

    Oh yeah and about the sheriff’s supporting him, didn’t he ask them prior to Morrison coming aboard? Let’s ask them now shall we?

  5. Letstalk said

    Sue, good commentary. And you did not even call me a bad name. This board needs more like you.

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