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Kline Losing Support From Republicans

Posted by firephillkline on February 23, 2006

Soon to be elected Attorney General Paul Morrison has officially announced his campaign leadership team.

We’re sure the Kline apologists will be trying to make Parkinson out to be an evil bastard because of a friendship he has with Paul.

Good for Parkinson. At least he is one Republican who is honest enough with himself to do the right thing. He has to know he will be attacked and trashed by the Kline cronies.

What would you do if a lifelong friend called you and asked you to support his candidacy against a radical ego maniac like Kline – regardless of political affiliation?

We wonder if Kline has ever had a Democrat support him and if he and his cronies told him he was betraying his party….

14 Responses to “Kline Losing Support From Republicans”

  1. Tshirts said

    Hi all –

    I got tired of waiting for T-shirts to be made buy this guy so I made up my own.

    These have his face with “Fire Phill Kline” above it:
    Fire Phill Kline T-Shirts

    These have “Phill Kline Stole My Medical Records and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”
    Phill Kline Stole My Medical Records

    These have “Phill Kline is Watching You”
    Phill Kline is Watching You

    Finally, these have “Phill Kline Big Brother”
    Phill Kline Big Brother

    I hope you all enjoy these Kline shirts. I am confident Paul Morrison is going to wipe the floor with him. What a perfect matchup. Morrison, a veteran of over 120 jury trials versus Phill Kline, lifelong sleazy politician with no jury trial experience whatsoever. Plus, Kline has made the mainstream people of Kansas angry with his invasion of privacy.

    Let’s all work together to Fire Phill Kline and push him out of politics!

  2. q said

    this is excellent! kline will be lucky to pull 40 percent of the vote!

  3. Jim said

    I am so excited about the decision Morrison made. It was brilliant! And Parkinson being a Republican should have nothing to do with his loyalty to his friend and to me, that shows WAY more on who he is as a person than his political agenda-unlike Kline. It also states, and very loudly, that there are even a lot of Republicans that are sick of Kline’s political agenda in a non political position. You have to know and live the law-not want to make the law based on your own needs, it’s the needs of Kansans not Kline and his cronies.

    Go Morrison! Kick butt!

  4. Peter said

    This is yet another reason Morrison will stop Phil KIine. I understand from speaking with former Kline staffers that there is MUCH, MUCH more to come about about Kline, his office, his past, etc.

    Just wait. Kline will have his ego deflated faster than you can say ethical violation.

  5. beware said

    You all better watch out for Kline. He’s going to surprise everyone and win by 15 points. Morrison will be exposed for being a pedophile and Kline will win the lottery.

  6. Letstalk said

    FPK rejoices in true Wagnerian fashion at the ‘Twilight of the gods’ for the Republican party. Conservative Repubs held their noses, voted for Graves and other “mods” for a generation, while quietly working within the Republican structure to gain influence so that they could have a seat at the table. Now that parity is reached, the mods are about to reveal their true colors by getting up from said table, upsetting said table, and reclining (make that unklining) to dine with the Dems. Thus dies the old order, with its balances of power, and thus is ushered in, by the rapacious power lust of the mods, the new order, in which the Red Queen and her cohort will strengthent their control over Kansas. So yes, you mods, reject Kline and his ilk as too conservative. And fed your children to the Hillary wing of the Democrat party. Stupid is as stupid does. FPK righly dances in the neopagan fires that burn in the kansas night.

  7. Jim said

    Of course you say Kline will win the lottery, with all of his ethics violations I would bet he’s stuffing some of that money away for himself. Morrison a pedophile-give me a break-the man has been prosecuting more trials than you have been alive probably.

  8. Letstalk said

    Jim, methinks beware was attempting humor. Satire or something like it.

  9. Jim said

    If so- sorry man! I just get so caught up on this thing.

  10. Marcus said

    I recently heard Kline say on the radio he has prosecuted over 600 child sex cases (or somewhere around that) since he has been in office. That means an average of 200 per year since he has been in office. Has anyone bothered to ask him how he defines “prosecute” and who is handling them?

  11. Sue said

    I doubt he has, his staff could have, he just loves to put his name on everything-even though he has done zip!

  12. Give Me A Break said

    Kline has a majority of the elected Democratic Sheriffs in Kansas supporting him and Democratic Wichita DA Nola Foulston sang Kline’s praises at his US Supreme Court argument.

    So don’t say Kline doesn’t have bi-partisan support. Morrison touting a republican has been like Parkinson wont get him anywhere.

  13. Pam said

    It seems to me that Kline may have asked for the support of Sheriffs prior to Paul announcing he was going to run for the position. They didn’t have anyone else to vote for or stand behind, so they had to say yes to him. If he was the only one running he would be the top law enforcement officer and they could possibly run into him or his office someday. So, give me a break on stating democratic sheriffs support him.

    Why don’t you find out what date he asked the Sherriffs and/or Pros/DA’s out there….I can guarentee it was before Paul announced he was running.

  14. Marcus said

    Dear Give Me a Break:

    Of course Nola Foulston sang PKs name after the Supreme Court. Is it really any surprise. He was arguing a Sedgwick County case, he let her sit at council table, what was she going to say then, “hey, vote for Morrison”

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