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Hump Day Humor

Posted by firephillkline on March 15, 2006

We know what you are thinking after reading the title. No, we are not talking about Kline’s relentless quest to outlaw teen on teen sex. Get your minds out of the gutter.

We are not PETA freaks, but do respect their work. That being said, they do come off as foolish in this article. It’s good for a chuckle.

Even we can have a laugh at ourselves from time to time.

4 Responses to “Hump Day Humor”

  1. Letstalk said

    So, FPK, you “do respect their work” eh? So how many chicken breast and cow flanks have y’all chewed on this week? I bet you are a bunch of hypocritical carnivores. Oh the cowmanity!!! sob sob

    I am with Ms. Watson. I love animals, they’re delicious.

  2. Bill said

    So how does it feel Letstalk to have the Republican’s going down in ratings? Are we democrats going to take over the country since Bush has shown his great work? It seems like Kline would be sweating bullets hoping the ratings go up within the year-I just don’t see it. Americans,
    Kansans, people all over are tired of it and ready for change.

  3. Letstalk said

    Bill, I see the same trend. Bush has made a mess of it. Isn’t it too bad we cannot seem to transcend the dialectic? So many large and looming problems go unresolved and only get worse. The national parties seem too compromised to affect the needed changes. I sense that the people starve for an “outside the box” solution, but are probably too easily herded to entertain any possibilities that are neither blue nor red. Too bad, I say.

  4. qwerhtyuy said

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