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What Kline Said About Ethics Violations

Posted by firephillkline on March 16, 2006

Kline charged that Adkins’ 1994 ethics violation should preclude him from serving as attorney general.

Let’s see if Kline holds himself to the same standard.

(Thanks to “Ms. Sunflower” for sending us this bit of material.)

8 Responses to “What Kline Said About Ethics Violations”

  1. Paul said

    This is great. I can see this and a copy of the other headline on a billboard on i-70 any day now.

  2. J Atchison said

    The circumstances are a bit different. A company that Phill Kline hired mistakenly sent fund raising letters to lobbyists. Phill Kline’s office turned themselves in to the Ethics committee voluntarily.

    In David Adkins case, there were some questions regarding his legal representation of a lady and billing her inappropriately.

    Check the facts please rather than rant just to get your point accross.

  3. Doug said

    Circumstances are always different, however once an ethics violator, always an ethics violator.

    Not to mention most of us know there is much more to come with ethics violations with the Kline admin. And it doesn’t mean it’s just him in his admin that are violating ethics laws, it’s other staff members he hires.

  4. Letstalk said

    Doug, I understand that some in his Admin are sleeping on mattresses without labels (I cannot say for certain those persons removed the labels, but it does raise some interesting questions, no?) and have been photographed jaywalking across the street to get to work at 8:05. All potentially more serious than the election law screwup, being intentional ethical lapses and all.

  5. Doug said

    Obviously, you are not a part of admin nor have you worked for the admin, so I guess you can only go on hear say and what your mind wants you to believe in this AG…others have proof. It will come out….and soon. Just wait. And I can say-it’s not just pulling tags off the mattresses or jaywalking.

  6. Letstalk said

    Hmmmm. Must be wearing white before Memorial Day? Outrageous!

  7. Pamela said

  8. Doug said

    Good catch Pamela-that’s what I am talking about!

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