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First Boston, Now Emporia

Posted by firephillkline on March 21, 2006

Turn down your speakers before you visit this site.

(We don’t the attorney general staff members who frequent FPK to get busted.)

25 Responses to “First Boston, Now Emporia”

  1. And I was wondering why my tracker was showing so many hits coming from this page…

  2. Letstalk said

    Pole dancers for Paul?

  3. John said

    As long as they vote-what does it matter? It just means more votes for Paul. I guess Phill only care about certain voters-not the entire state of KS.

  4. Letstalk said

    Hey, I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it. The pole dancers most concerned about keeping hardened criminals behind bars will, of course, vote for Kline. (Assuming they actually look at the policy records of each candidate and not just vote as conditioned to by the leftists in the media.) After all, it was PM who worked so hard to let sex crimers out of jail and back to the bars for more lap dances.

    Piss off the liberals and RE-KLINE.

  5. Pam said

    I don’t agree with that-PK has never prosecuted sex criminals before and even in his own office he doesn’t have any hands on experience. He’s just a politician. He is so far to right that he wouldn’t back up any person he thinks is immoral. Although I’m sure there are skeleton’s in his closet.

  6. Tammy said

    I wanted you all to be aware that Paul Morrison has some great information on his website. Go check it out at:

    More comments are on my site as well.

    How great it is!!!

  7. Letstalk said

    Tammy, your website is American Idle.

  8. Letstalk said

    Tammy, I could have spent too little time there, but at first review your website struck me as American Idle. I do not think Simon would allow you to solo twice.

  9. Tammy said

    My site is more than politics-as you saw. I have more to life than just that. I am just giving information to those who care-it seems as though you do not, so why bother with it? So negative all the time.

  10. Steve said

    Letstalk-what do you even mean by that comment? It seems as if Tammy was just giving us all information-not bashing anyone. Do you do anything else besides get on this thing?

  11. Pam said

    I have actually been to Tammy’s site and it is great. It’s not just politics as she said. She talks about victim advocacy, television, being a mom, and discussing different awareness out there about diseases. Actually a pretty powerful site.

  12. Letstalk said

    Steve and Pam,
    My bad. I guess I just suffered from the momentary gap between high expectations (how great it is) and the pedestrian reality of it all. I mean, really, American Idol updates?

  13. Tim said

    Letstalk seems to be a bit nutty don’t you all think? I have seen the website he is talkng about and the funny thing is-it’s actually pretty good. More things to read and the funny thing is-more Americans vote for American Idol than the KS Attorney General election-even the President. So, not so bad for a stay at home mom. In fact, I love that you are down grading a mom, who happens to be a former victim advocate, volunteer with tons of organizations, well educated and has more than politics on her mind. It’s great she can do all of those things. But, good job on the points of other intellectuals out there. You just sound nutty putting down other people who actually have more on their mind.
    Where is your website? Or do you just go off on others out there that disagree with you or have other interests?

  14. Sue said

    Good comment Tim. Lets just not talk to letstalk anymore. I can’t stand when people have to put other people down for a thrill. I have been reading passed comments and to be honest, letstalk is so negative and is trying to make people chat with him. Probably anti-social.

  15. Tammy said

    Thanks guys for the positive comments on the site. Since all of this I have had so many hit now. Can’t wait to put what I really think or know on there of the AG race.

  16. Letstalk said

    Tammy, just to be safe run it past Simon first.

  17. Tammy said

    Sue great comment on my site too-thanks for the wishes. I should be having my baby any time now.

  18. Tim said

    heh-she is even getting ready to have a baby-but lets put her down. Whatever dude! What kind of person is this? Give me a break. I agree with you Sue-lets not talk to letstalk. Firephillkline can’t you omit people on this thing? I know you want it to be open, but give me a break-he is putting down people left and right not even talking about the issues you are posting. Lets have a petition to get rid of him.

  19. Letstalk said

    I vote for free press and the exchange of any ideas, even if as mundane as American Idle and Tim’s whining.

  20. Tim said

    blah, blah, blah-

  21. Letstalk said

    Oh, that hurts. Stop mocking me with your rapier wit, Tim.

    Now, back to the subjects at hand…. uh, what was the purpose of the original posting anyhow?

    Oh yes, Emporia is like Boston. Right. And Topeka is just Hartford with sunshine and Hays is merely Rochester without a lake. Keep dreaming FPK. Now wake up….you are in a very red place. Very red. And those who turn from red to blue will find that day is one to rue.

  22. Tim said

    That’s why our Governor is D. And our soon to be AG will be D as well.

  23. cmo7 said

    your stuck on that “soon to be AG stuff”. Be careful, dont want to jinx baldy!

  24. teak said

    Hey, wasn’t Morrison just on “48 Hours” in that 20 year old cold case in Olathe? He looks like the DA or cop from the show.

    This man doesn’t sound like a kook like Kline does. Does Kline try and do anything besides change the abortion laws?

    There is something about Kline, it is being too worried about sex and young girls. I heard he carries on just a little too, too much about his own young daughter. Creepy and obsessed.

  25. Sue said

    Teak-you have that right!

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