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Yet Another Kline Ethics Problem

Posted by firephillkline on March 21, 2006

“Pamela” posted this link in another thread, but it is worthy of its own post.

Apparently, Kline has been fined for ethical reasons at least once before. In 2000, he was fined over $8,000.00 by the FEC for ethical isses relating to his failed congressional campaign.
But wait: it was an honest mistake, right? He fully cooperated, right? Other people do it too, right, Kline? Wonder why he didn’t release this information before the 2002 primary. Guess he couldn’t find anyone to blame.
After all, according to his recent position on his most recent ethical trouble, Kline and his staff when speaking of the mail consultant said “THEY made an honest mistake“.

This is all very reassuring when it comes from the states top law enforcement officer. Maybe the next headline for his next trouble with the law should read ‘Kline Again Sets New Standard For Ethics And Responsibility”. Way to make us proud, Kline.

2 Responses to “Yet Another Kline Ethics Problem”

  1. Letstalk said

    Must be hard to find good vols when you cannot get then paid by George Tiller and Soros money.

  2. Jay said

    When does it end? Your AG is a scam artist it sounds. I hope Kansans stand up for themselves and get rid of him.

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