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A.G. candidates foresees close race

Posted by firephillkline on April 4, 2006

Have a look at the Topeka paper article here. (sub required)

If you haven't already done so, head over to soon to be AG elect Paul Morrison's Web site and give him a few bucks. He's going to need all the help he can get to fight off Kline's soft money expenditures.

9 Responses to “A.G. candidates foresees close race”

  1. Tim said

    I think it’s great Morrison is forth coming with his honesty regarding the race. Although people are so sick of hearing even Kline’s name.

    We wish him, Morrison, the best! Give all the money you can to Morrison-I did!

  2. Letstalk said

    Oh the humanity!!! We are going negative in this race…..

    “I think it’s going to be close,” Morrison said. “And the reason it’s going to be close is in Kansas — I don’t care if you walk on water — if you’re a D and you’re running against an incumbent Republican, you’ve got your work cut out for you, no matter how big of a doofus the incumbent Republican is.”

    Let the record show that Paul Morrison went back to Junior High to play the nerd card and go negative while on the college circuit. What is next, pray tell? Maybe calling Kline a dork at KU? Trying to give him a swirly during a debate at Emporia State? Or maybe getting really dirty and calling Kline a bald headed fart at KSU? (No — on second thought I am guessing Paul will stay away from the hair jokes.)

  3. Tim said

    He calls it like he sees it-as I said the man is honest.

  4. Letstalk said

    Enought about politics… about something we can all agree upon.

    The Messiah was crucified to satisfy the wrath of God and allow the fallen race of Adam a path back to perfection through faithful response to the bloody sacrifice of the God-man.

    Jesus is Lord.

  5. cmo7 said

    “AG elect” big words for a democrat

  6. Letstalk said

    Hey FPK, how about a new update? May I suggest something like “Kline to argue before US Supreme Court a second time to preserve the death penalty, it all turns on Phill now.” Then you will be well set up to argue that he really blew it when Alito rules against him and hands the anti-dp crowd (like PM?) a victory. Of course, if Alito goes with Phill…

    No, never mind, you better not risk that. PK is too darn good at oral argumetn for FPK to take such a risk. Just continue to bore us while working on finals instead.

  7. Tim said

    Not sure if you are aware-but Klilne didn’t really do the argument-yeah he may have read what others wrote, but he’s not smart enough to actually argue it by himself like a true attorney at that level should. Remember we had to pay outside staff for that-love the tax money going down the drain.

  8. Sue said

    I would also like to point out that if Kline was so great-he would have won the Supreme Court over the first time and not have to argue it again. Think about it. Sure the death penalty may go through-but it won’t be because of Kline-rather it will be the other staff and outside counsel-but I’m sure Kline will take all the credit, like he is now.

    Not to mention, he is doing this for political reasons-not for the real reason-victims who have been murdered and deserve justice. Leave it up to the families not politics-that’s what I think. Death or no death!

  9. Letstalk said

    Clarence Darrow would have drawn a 4 – 4 split before. Alito is an unknown on this issue. Will his ethics tilt him toward the death penalty or away from it? Clarence Darrow would stand a chance of swaying him one way or another. As will our very own Clarence, eh, William Jennings Bryan.

    If Kline gets a 5-4 allowing us to put the Carr brothers down, as they so richly deserve, not to mention a few others, then Kline should be praised by all who believe that Caesar bears the sword for good reason.

    I guess it is political because an elected official acts. Would you rather be governed by unelected officials Suzy?

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