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Getting to know Paul Morrison

Posted by firephillkline on May 7, 2006

Check it out here.


14 Responses to “Getting to know Paul Morrison”

  1. Pele said

    I think everyone reads this blog should give Paul Morrison $25. He will need all the moeny help he can get.

  2. Letstalk said

    Strong candidate. Impressive criminal prosecution background. It is a telling shame that the Dems had no one of this caliber on their bench, so had to paint a Republican blue to come up with a Trojan Horse of a different color. Jim Ryan should thank God the Dems have not found a strong Republican willing to embrace their demented party platform to become a Benedict Congressman.

  3. ant said

    I agree with Letstalk that it is a shame he switched parties, but even a party switching Morrision is better than a radical right winger like Kline.

  4. Letstalk said

    Mr. Ant,

    Well if that be your attitude, and if your attitude is common among the “mods” of Kansas, then a new day has arrived, a new coalition is forming, and the schools should look forward to unbridled funding, abortionists should rejoice in a future of unencumbered killing, Adam and Steve should delight in impending unions, Kansans should fear unlimited taxes, business should be concerned about unabashed meddling, and Democrats should take a bow for engineering the destruction of the Republican party.

    And, assuming Mr. Ant’s sentiments are now a national response among the mods, ashamed as they are of our cultural patrimony and Christian convictions, then we should all get ready to wish Queen Hillary a royal inauguration, for such Queens will be the winners when the “radical right wing” is purged from the body politic through those chanting mindless mantras and engaging in rank political opportunism.

  5. Stacy said

    So much anger-that’s the shame. Let the best man OR woman win. It seems that Morrison has a better resume in convictions and all around being an attorney at law. That is what the position calls for, not a politician. If Kline wants to go that route-try being a politician. Then again that back firedd on him too didn’t it?

  6. Letstalk said

    What, me angry? Nope. Nor worried.


  7. Mike said

    What a pathetically unoriginal website. Come on, guys. Give it up.

  8. Michael said

    uh, yeah. then why are you reading it- AND leaving comments?

  9. Sherlock said

    It appears that some prefer to vote straight down the party line. Republican/Democrat, Red/Blue, those things don’t mean anything.
    It is the individual candidate that matters. Each party has historically had it’s share of kings and bastards.

    I suppose it’s easier to just punch one hole on a ballot as long as it doesn’t hang.

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