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Kline just won’t let it go

Posted by firephillkline on May 16, 2006

Read this from the Wichita Eagle blog

14 Responses to “Kline just won’t let it go”

  1. Letstalk said

    Seems like I cannot turn on the TV these days without hearing about sexual predators preying upon teens and pre-teens. That darn Kline must be watching the same programs and buying the argument that bad men are out there wanting to seduce young boys and girls. He better stop before those guys leave the state and further erode our tax base!

    Vote for Morrison if you want these perverts left alone.

  2. Ant said

    The last sentence of the last comment is very telling; with uber conservatives, its either black or white- either you are with them or against them.

    I challenge ‘letstalk’ to cite evidence to back up his claim that a vote for Morrison is a vote for allowing pedophiles to molest children.

    And the question about who this letstalk is….Altevogt or Brown…. I think I have the answer. In fact, I have proof. More on that later.

  3. Letstalk said

    Mr. Ant,

    Proof? Since when are far reaching allegations on this blog-o-smeer subject to proof? This is rhetoric my dear friend, pure and simple.

    Here is your proof:

    Kline’s litigation (the state defends) is a product of his opinion aimed at catching child predators.

    Morrison has critisized that opinion and the ensuing litigation.

    FPK holds that opinion and litigation up as proof that Morrison will be far better at the job than Kline.

    Ergo Morrison would not have issued the opinion, would not be in the litigation.

    You fill in the next blank.

    Altevolt, Brown, Sobran or Coulter, that is the question.

  4. Letstalk said

    What up Sherlock Insect? Can’t refute my logic? And can’t put up what you promised as to proof of my secret identity? Come, on, let’s have it. I am just certain FPK is dying to have you sleuth it out for them, so don’t get cold antennae now! They need you to spin your secret decoder ring and tell the world just who I am. Spew forth, Adam Ant. Or slouch away, having been called and failed to show your hand.

    And, since you have failed to fill it in for me in response to my last post, allow me to take one of your six appendages and walk you through it …

    Vote Morrison to give the abortionists and their pedophile clients the cover that the Governor afforded them yesterday with her veto. Vote both of these pro-abortion Catholics into office and watch the Kansas Catholic Conference squrim while George Tiller rejoices at his mighty political power. Vote against Kline because NAMBLA and the child killing industry want Kline shut up and shut down. He is giving them all a bad name.

  5. Letstalk said

    Look like my secret remains safe.

    Karl Rove

  6. Letstalk said

    I am back and I am bored, so I decided to slip away from the White House and inflict the opinion of a friend of mine on you dear Kline haters.

    I see your queen has pulled off another coup and recruited yet another Mod from the R side to the D side of the ballot. She is quite the little dreadnaught. But you real and honest Dems should be worried, for the coalition she is forming beneath you holds much more promise for the country club set than for the little people that your party, on its very best days, once sought to serve.

    Think with me (and a friend of mine) for a moment …

    It seems to me that moderate Republicanism has a distinct upper-class flavor to it. Moderate R’s are admired and courted by big party Dems ‘cause the Mods can raise the bucks. They invariable raise far more in campaign contributions than their conservative rivals. The two groups — Mods and millionaire – interlock on so many levels that for many Kansans they are indistinguishable. When your Shawnee Mission residing boss has returned from his weekly spin in the Ferrari, he will no doubt be happy to give you a lecture about the virtues of diversity. … the halls of even the most rarified enclaves of the Johnson County plutocracy ring today with the sanctimonious bushwah of political correctness. The primary targets of upper-class bigotry are now blue-collar people, with their funny religions and conservative politics.

    That is not so far away from blue-collar people with less religion (ie mainstream protestants and cafeteria catholics) and a bit milder politics. In other words, the very core of what was once the Democrat base – not so very long ago.

    The Republican Mods and their elitist friends among the high ranking Dems pretend to be liberals. They are not. What they are is corporate, high society types, JOCO RINOS and sorority sistes of the left. You knowthen as the status quo ante defenders of the rich and degenerately rich (i..e George Tiller, another R who became D for the good of his own lucrative operation.). These high and mighty limo libs are anti-populist, anti-worker and pro-establishment. Heck, they will not even offer the small people their grey poupon! (But are more than happy to find the plebes benefit-lite, union-free jobs in meat packing industry, for the good of the corporate annual report.)

    And now these Mods, moderately to the left and moderately to the right, are the new breed of Kansas Democrat! Ha! Now they are yours, you dupes of the moderate left. Bobby, Hubert and Tip are surely spinning in their graves, puking in your general direction. You have become so lukewarm that even they will spit you out of their now silent (and seemingly quite forgotten) mouths. The Kansas Democrats have, like Faust, sold their souls in a bid to gain the world. Oh how the idealists fall like dominoes when money and power are brought to the altar.

    OK, now back to my plans to use the FBI to frame Murtha for the Irag debacle.

    Oh, anyone want to venture a guess on my inspiration tonight?

  7. WalterP said

    It appears that Letstalk has gotten a hold of this blog and is not letting go. This is not a good development for the FPK forces – they must regain control of this ship, or rename it Seriously – folks, is this our level of organization here?

  8. Letstalk said

    WalterP, I believe this is your first and only contribution to this intellectual hot spot. And what do you do? Argue me down? Shut me up with logic or history? Refute my facts? Oh no, you call for my silencing! Libs, Maoists, Stalinist, damn libs. “Don’t confuse me with the facts or social analysis….just shut up and go away.”

    I applaud the FPK masters for allowing this forum to be free and open. They strike me as true liberals in the best of that tradition. Unlike WalterP, who seems to be nothing more than a party hack. Prove me wrong WalterP, ….. letstalk! Adding to this board, drowning me out with brilliant commentary, is much better than asking that I be banned to protect the queen and her JOCO frat boys from any scrutiny.

    Did I say JOCO frat boys? Reminds me of something else my friend said about that enchanted land: Cupcake Land encourages no culture but that which increases property values; supports no learning but that which burnishes the brand; hears no opinions but that that will further fatten the cupcake elites; tolerates no rebellion but hat expressed in haircuts and piercing and alternative rock. You know what it’s like even though you have not been there. Smooth jazz. Hallmark cards. Applebees. Corporate Woods. Its greatest civic holiday is the turning –on of the Christmas lights at a nearby shopping center – an event so inspirational to the cupcake mind that the mall thus illuminated has been rendered in paint by none other than Thomas Kinkade.

    Great words from a thoughtful fellow. Did he have Parkerson and his cronies in mind or what?

    Queen Kathleen and her cupcake boys ….. our new Democrat Party elite. Brie and chardonnay anyone? Shall we retire to the drawing room to toast the end of both the conservative and authentically liberal movements in Kansas? We elites, media, corporate and government, shall rule the plebes right down the middle – the middle that they define!

    And blandness hovered over the face of the deep.

    OK kids, Letstalk has to say good bye now. I doubt I will be allowed on this webpage anymore after tonight. The WalterP’s are growing more impatient with me, and must be looking to pressure FPK to fire me off this board. It has been fun, and no hard feelings FPK. I understand how it works. You will get a call from someone you just cannot say no to, probably someone from Corporate Woods, and I will be banished. Got to pay the bills, right?

    One last and final question before the New (moderate) Left takes me into that dark night: Anyone guessing my inspirational source/friend yet?

  9. Letstalk said

    Not dead yet!

    OK, some of you are not playing fair. I know darn good and well that some of you recognize the source of my recent inspiration (Clue: it ain’t Dylan or the Stones) and just cannot bring yourselves to shout it out.

    Well alrightly then. I will just give you more of the same until someone brings me shrubbery:

    [Exalted Democrat leaders like] Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, and Terry McAuliffe have long been pushing the party to forget blue collar voters and concentrate instead on recruiting affluent, white collar professionals who are liberal on social issues. [Hmmm. I wonder if this is happening in Kansas?] The larger interests that the Democratic Leadership Council wants desperately to court are corporations, capable of generating campaign contributions far outside anything raised by organized labor. The way to collect the votes and — more important– the money of these coveted constituencies, “New Democrats” think, is to stand rock solid on, say, the pro-choice position while making endless concessions on economic issues, on welfare, NAFTA, Social Security, labor law, privatization, deregulation, and the rest o f it. Such Democrats explicitly rule out what they deride as “class warfare” and take great pains to emphasize their friendliness to “business interests.” Like the conservatives, they take economic issues off of the table. As for the working -class voters who were until recently the party’s very backbone, the DLC figures they will have no place else to go. Democrats will always by marginally better on economic issues than Republicans. Besides, what politician in this success-worshipping country really wants to be the voice of the poor people? Where’s the soft money in that?

    Boy, if that does not sound like what your queen is pulling off then I am not Joe Sobran. But, hey, whatcha gonna do? Like the man says, y’all simply have “no place else to go.” The heart of the Dem party faithful, generational Dems for historic reason, are now relegated to the back of the bus, just like the pro-lifers in the party of GWB & co.

    Hey you big business Dems who are busy paving West Wyandotte County and all of the rest of JOCO – what about the people that Bobby and HH and the best of your tradition looked out for? Could it be that compassionate and/or crunchy conservatives are the only ones who give a damn about the working poor anyone? Yes, as hard as it can be to believe, that just might be the case.

    OK, anyone wanting to bring me shrubbery NOW? What recently lauded (by faithful Dems) political book have I been quoting directly out of ??? Answer me, consarnit!!!

    Maybe FPK will NOW be ordered to block me and take down of all my posts, relieving me of this heavy burden of banging my head against the wall.

    Is there anybody out there?

  10. WalterP said

    Letstalk seems to have succeeded – everyone’s gone away so they won’t be taunted another time. I feel sorry for Letstalk – he’s brought the level of discourse so high for a blog, and nobody from the other team (not that there’s anything wrong with that) has taken the challenge. FPK had such great goals, now I fear the campaign to unseat that radical Kline has degenerated into two dorks wearing Vote for Paul t-shirts. I’m going to go back to jumping my schwinn off a really big jump.

  11. Letstalk said

    Walter P, make certain that you abide by all mandatory helmet laws and that you are not talking on your cell phone while searching for that perfect landing. Thanks for the empathy.

    Paul’s people should be rebutting me, you are right about that. But they will not, ’cause they are all really uneasy about being Dems. The charade is killing them, and meeting a crunchy con on the field of battle when they are called upon to rally around Ted Kennedy’s flag is just too much for them.

    Test and see if I am wrong. Ask them to a union organizing rally for the meat packers. Hit them up for a contribution for a pac sponsoring universal heath care for all. Invite them to say something positive about George McGovern or Walter Mondale. And watch these rogue elephants in ass costumes squirm away toward the liver patte line.

    You are also correct that the card carrying Dems should be arguing me down, but they cannot either. You know why? Because they recognize the sword and shield I carry. For those of you that just fell off of the turnip truck, my inspiration in this series of posts has been Thomas Frank’s delicious book WHAT’ THE MATTER WITH KANSAS? I really thought it was a fine critique of the status quo and conservative movement. (It just has no answers, that is its main weakness.) What many do not realize is that Frank finds as much, make that more, fault with the Kansas Mods. They are, in fact, played by Mr. Burns (of the Simpsons) in the made for TV version of What’s the Matter.

    And there is the rub. Kathleen Sebelius loves the Mods! She courts the Mods! She drools after them like Withers after Burns. Is it for love or for love of free sex (ie abortion jurisprudence)? No one can say, but it matters little, for in this perfect union both are eclipsed by big money and naked power.

    So, Walter P., don’t be so hard on your friends at FPK. They strike me as true believers, honest people, libs without guile. They do not want to be hypocrites. They agree with my previous posts, for the most part. Thus the silence. Thus I am tolerated. Thus I yet have rights to this board, despite the cries to shut me up.

    Let’s just all rally around the only maverick in the race, that crazy Phunny Phill, and help him be the best that he can be for another four years. And whatever we do, let us never shy away when we are called upon to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.

    Your friend, LT

  12. Rob said

    No, we have not succeeded to him, just tired of hearing it! Not to mention we all have lives so we do not want to waste our time reading his lengthy crap. So, off to other sites, who by the way, also can’t stand Kline.

  13. Letstalk said

    Rob, I could find someone to read it aloud to you, very slowly, if that would help. And maybe I could add some places where you could color, too.

  14. subterranean kryptonite said

    Howdy, Trolly!

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