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A Victory For Crime Victims

Posted by firephillkline on June 27, 2006

Read about Kline’s SCOTUS victory here.

Now, we are not exactly what you would call Kline ‘fans’, but we have to give him his due for winning the case.

(And a note to Morrison’s handlers- you really need to work on his remarks. The decision wasn’t about Phill and the 30K it cost to tutor him. It was about the victims, the family members and the system working as it should. Tone down the arrogance and remember we haven’t elected him yet.)

Now we need to wash our hands. We feel dirty for typing that criticism of Morrison and quasi support of Kline.


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No substance is more like it

Posted by firephillkline on June 16, 2006

Phill Kline was quoted recently as saying he is a "seasoned, no-nonsense attorney.

Kline also said he is a 'seasoned' veteran of courtooms:

"I've been in courtrooms in California, Chicago, Kentucky, Jefferson County, Reno County, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County, Johnson County, district courts; I can go on and on,"

How about some proof? Were they jury trials or was he simply paying speeding tickets? What were the case numbers?

On the other side, Morrison gave specifics about his courtroom experience:

"I've tried about a hundred jury trials in my career, many of them among the most complex and difficult criminal cases in the history of this state – John Robinson … Richard Grissom, the first serial killer convicted with no bodies," Morrison said.

Read the whole article here.

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Morrison Makes it Official

Posted by firephillkline on June 7, 2006

Josh has posted an intersting q and a with Paul Morrison.

Head over to his blog and check it out.


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