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No substance is more like it

Posted by firephillkline on June 16, 2006

Phill Kline was quoted recently as saying he is a "seasoned, no-nonsense attorney.

Kline also said he is a 'seasoned' veteran of courtooms:

"I've been in courtrooms in California, Chicago, Kentucky, Jefferson County, Reno County, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County, Johnson County, district courts; I can go on and on,"

How about some proof? Were they jury trials or was he simply paying speeding tickets? What were the case numbers?

On the other side, Morrison gave specifics about his courtroom experience:

"I've tried about a hundred jury trials in my career, many of them among the most complex and difficult criminal cases in the history of this state – John Robinson … Richard Grissom, the first serial killer convicted with no bodies," Morrison said.

Read the whole article here.

24 Responses to “No substance is more like it”

  1. Altevogt said

    One of these sights called for Kline to release he so-called ‘extensive courtroom experience’ proof some time ago. I doubt he has, but why isn’t the media asking him to prove his claims?

    I’ve also heard that Kline has NEVER once tried a jury trial. Can this be correct?

  2. joyce said

    I agree, what proof does Kline have? I really doubt Kline has tried anything even being AG where he could have many times gotten in there and really done something. And if we are going to mention the US Supreme Court one more time, let’s just mention, Kline made a statement, not actually tried crap. Not to mention, he had writers write his “script” for him and prep him for the case-of which was some outside counsel. So, that “experience” truly isn’t experience unless he can say he tried the murder cases he is fighting for in the first place.
    I can say I’ve been in courtrooms across the nation as well, but that doesn’t mean I did anything in them-sounds like Kline.

  3. WalterP said

    Gosh – has anyone checked to see if Kline actually ever attended law school – or if he attended any classes? I bet he paid people to script him, and even had them take his tests for him. I mean if we think he hasn’t done something, then surely it must be true. I think we’re going to win!

    Viva Morrison!

  4. butter said

    I’m quite sure Morrison’s people already have information on Kline’s ‘major case’ record and his so-called extensive courtroom experience.

    In fact, I’m positive they do. 🙂

    Patience, people. Patience. The day will come for this and many other half-truths and flat out lies to be exposed. Its too early to let this cat out of the bag.

  5. Sarah said

    Do you have any information about what cases that Kline has actually tried? I know he says he’s tried cases in court, but I’m looking for the records of these alleged cases.

  6. bob said

    Does winning a case in front of the US Supreme Court count as experience?

  7. marcus said

    Bob – it doesn’t count when the brief is written by your staff.

  8. Letstalk said

    Help me out FPK. Do you hate him for his substance or his lack of substance? Seems to me like you say both, which leads me to believe you just hate him for being Kline. And Kline is what Kline does. So you hate him for what he does. And what he does is effective, another word for substantive, for if it did not have an effect there would be no reason to hate him. So you should probably retract the No Substance charge and simply state that it is his substance that chaffs you so very much. Let’s be honest and forthright in this debate, whatcha say?

    And I must say pulling all five Romaninst jurists for the death penalty took one heck of an effort and the fine job done at oral argument should never be discounted. Say what you will, the man is a great orator, as Thomas Frank himself observes.

    And, as for the win at the Suprme Court, this was a Hail Mary that came thru. Why, some DA’s would not have even sought cert, I bet, being soft on the death penalty and all.

  9. Mike said

    Ha. How do you like that. Phill Kline did it. Yess!! Can you say re-election??

  10. joyce said

    Give me a break it wasn’t Kline who won it was the victims/survivors and people who want the death penalty. You sound just like Kline-saying “he” won-he didn’t win anything!!! Typical!

  11. Letstalk said

    Joyce, had AG Kline not brought home a victory, not swayed Kennedy or Alito toward the d.p., then animals like the Carr brothers could possibly get out to kill again. Perhaps someone you love this next time. Now it is very likely that they will leave prison only in sealed body bags, as it should be. Kline is a great orator and thus a great oral advocate and thus very good at that portion of civil litigation. Anyone who denies that now well established fact is simply too blind to be objective.

  12. Letstalk said

    what? no re-joicing. I am SHOCKED! I mean you Morrison folks are usually so quick to rebut any argument raised against you. (NOT)

  13. snaildung said

    Letstalk – I’m gonna raise the bullshit flag on your scare me with the “what-ifs” Carr brothers ever getting out of prison to commit another murder. It just ain’t gonna happen, and here’s why…if the Supremes had ruled the D.P. unconstitutional, the Carr bros would have gotten life sentences. That being the case, they wouldn’t get out of prison. Well, actually they would get out when they were buried of course, but who’s getting that technical.

    I’ve seen Kline speak, and he is good. But being a good speaker does not make one a good Attorney General.

    warm regards,

  14. Letstalk said

    Right Sanilstuff, we all know that no one ever escapes from a Kansas prison or gets the chance to kill another inmate therein.

    Lower your colors, soldier. I can go over the top, have gone over the top, that was not over the top.

  15. snaildung said

    oooh, over the top. Go ahead, impress me with your wit and razor sharp logic. Please educate us on the probability that a death row inmate will escape custody, or kill another inmate.

    And to bring us back to the original topic…being a great speaker does not translate into being a great Attorney General.

  16. Letstalk said


    You should learn to use Google. It can save you from looking like you do not know what you are talking about:

    GA – Warden’s report details death row escape plot
    By News Report
    Sep 2, 2004, 02:58
    JACKSON, Ga. – A piece of gray string dangling from an air vent in the cell of a death row inmate helped unravel an escape plot at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, according to the warden’s report.
    A prison guard searching the cell pulled the string and noticed that it was secured by a piece of tape painted to conceal a cut in the vent. Convicted killer David Scott Franks apparently had cut through the vent and through another grate in the crawl space behind it.
    The officers later found a cache of contraband allegedly used by Franks and two other condemned prisoners, Andrew Grant DeYoung and Michael Wade Nance, to further their escape – welding material, five hacksaw blades, two reciprocating saw blades, knives, duct tape, 25 feet of “rope” fashioned from bedsheets, ski masks crocheted by the inmates themselves, $280 in cash, even a map of Georgia.
    Death Row Inmate Escapes


    (AP) A death row inmate escaped early Friday by cutting through a fence, hiding on a prison building roof, jumping another fence and avoiding several shots fired by a guard.

    Dozens of law officers and tracking dogs formed a manhunt for convicted murderer Martin E. Gurule, 29, after he leapt over a perimeter fence at the prison outside Huntsville about 65 miles north of Houston.

    It was the first escape from Texas’ death row since the 1930s, Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Larry Fitzgerald said. Last year, Texas executed 37 people, more than any other state. There have been 17 executions so far this year.

    Guards believe Gurule and six other death row prisoners cut through an interior fence while other inmates were in the recreation yard, then hid on the roof of a building after most of the inmates were returned to their cells, Fitzgerald said.

    Death row inmate describes brazen escape: ‘It was great’

    Created: 12/14/2005 8:52 PM MST – Updated: 12/14/2005 8:53 PM MST

    LIVINGSTON, Texas (AP) – A condemned prisoner who got a taste of freedom last month when he escaped from a county jail said Wednesday his flight was worth it even though he was caught after three days on the run.

    ****there were many more, but I need not beat a dead horse. And you can do this as a research project: Google “inmate, murder and prison” and let me know how many articles you find where prisoners already in for murder kill someone in the big house. Like escapes, it is not so uncommon as to render the concern without merit. Especially if you live next to a supermax or have a loved one in the big house with a predator like BTK or L. Hannibal.

  17. snaildung said

    Beating a dead horse hasn’t stopped you before. A long winded response to another swing and a miss by Letstalk. You have failed to answer the question posed, probability?

    And let’s get to the point. The argument isn’t that escapes never happen, or that the death penalty prevents escapes, the real argument begins with your post that Kline saved us from the Carr animals.

    And that argument is a strawman, because if the dp (i.e. sentencing phase) had been ruled unconstitutional, the conviction would still be valid. Therefore, they would have received life sentences, which means they would never get out of prison.

    And clearly, as demonstrated by your extensive research on google, you can see that the death penalty does not prevent escapes.

    Warm regards,

  18. Letstalk said

    Nice shot. But it does prevent escapes after it is applied.

  19. snaildung said

    Boy I’m glad you picked up on that one. I considered stating that, but figured even you could get there on your own.

    Of course, I did some research on “Google”, and found an article that supports the theory that even the death penalty would not prevent escape, because if you are given the injection, and you don’t die, there is the possibility you may escape until they get it right. Of course in the case below, they did get it right.

    But who’s counting?

    The Columbus Dispatch Tuesday, May 2, 2006 12:50 PM

    LUCASVILLE, Ohio – “It don’t work. It don’t work,” Joseph Clark said repeatedly in what he thought were his last moments alive as he lay on the lethal injection table.

    But he didn’t die — not right away.

  20. Letstalk said

    Hey I know! Let’s not lock them up in the first place, not punish anyone for anything. I mean, who are we to force our moral code on another free moral agent anyhow? Then, by not incarcerating anyone for anything, we do not have to worry about escapes or prison killings. You can just buy everyone in the world a Coke, Snaildoodo, and hold hands with them all while signing We are the World. (You get to stand between the Carr brothers.)

    G’d idear, Mate?

  21. snaildung said

    Still waiting for you to go over the top. So far, I’m not impressed with the logic of your argument.

  22. Letstalk said

    I will take that as a compliment. Thanks

  23. Sherlock said

    Let us not question that Mr. Kline is an effective speaker. This is a well known fact. I have conversed with him on numerous occasions and have often come away from our conversations thinking what a charismatic speaker he is. I am sure he would say the same of me.

    I truly think he is an interesting man and a good man at heart, but I am not sure that his experience in radio, his preaching at churches, or his sketchy legal background qualifies him to be the top attorney of a state.

    Charismatic speaking certainly makes for a great and effective politician, radio host, or preacher, it does not necessarily make one a great or effective attorney.

    Speaking of qualifications, how many of the attorneys that work there actually passed the bar BEFORE they received their positions there?

    And by the way, whose nickel is paying for all of those trips around the state to preach at all of those churches?

    Is Mr. Kline going as himself or as the Attorney General?

    Who’s collecting the tithe plates?

  24. snaildung said

    Now that is an interesting topic Sherlock. Did the state pay the mileage. Was there reimbursement for meals. What was the purpose of the trip. Excellent questions for the state governmental ethics folks. I’m guessing it depends on how the trip was “characterized”. Merely a speaking engagement as part of the office? Reimbursement forms to document said trips would be helpful.

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