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A Victory For Crime Victims

Posted by firephillkline on June 27, 2006

Read about Kline’s SCOTUS victory here.

Now, we are not exactly what you would call Kline ‘fans’, but we have to give him his due for winning the case.

(And a note to Morrison’s handlers- you really need to work on his remarks. The decision wasn’t about Phill and the 30K it cost to tutor him. It was about the victims, the family members and the system working as it should. Tone down the arrogance and remember we haven’t elected him yet.)

Now we need to wash our hands. We feel dirty for typing that criticism of Morrison and quasi support of Kline.

25 Responses to “A Victory For Crime Victims”

  1. Letstalk said

    Thank you for proving that my faith in you as essentially good people is warranted. Our differences are presuppositional, which is huge, but at least we can yet converse in a responsible manner, which is the strength of our republic.

    The loyal opposition.

  2. toad said

    I agree that Morrison’s response was horrible. Now way is he going to win anyplace outside of his home county with attitude like that.

  3. J said

    The case was about “all things being equal” you die. It’s a bad decision. In fact, the existence of the death penalty in and of itself is wrong.

  4. Letstalk said

    As I said, presuppositions are the key. So the state is never right to take a life? How about in war, to defend its own borders and citizens? How about putting deposed despots to death? Hitler? Stalin? How about to stop a terrorist act before it can be activated? How about to bring a just end to the life of such animals as BTK?

    So, J., has every government that has ever taken a life engaged in a “wrong act”? Says who? Only you? Who defines right and wrong? If the state, then your argument falls apart, does it not? So what authority above the state do you cite for this moral code you want to force upon us all?

  5. Letstalk said

    Why is it so difficult to find anyone interested in intelligent dialogue on this webpage other than the master of the FPK world? Are mantras the only thing you anti-Kliners can communicate in?

  6. Letstalk said

    Oh, I don’t know Letstalk, maybe it is because television has conditioned groupthink tendencies and because Americans are too damn busy entertaining themselves to death these days to take the few minutes needed to clear their minds and actually activate the cerebral cortex?

    SO we just look to the mainline media to tell us who is the “coolest” and vote for that person, assuming we actually take the time to vote.

    Now where did not put that remote……..

  7. Letstalk said

    Oh, I don’t know Letstalk, maybe it is because television has conditioned groupthink tendencies and because Americans are too damn busy entertaining themselves to death these days to take the few minutes needed to clear their minds and actually activate the cerebral cortex?

    SO we just look to the mainline media to tell us who is the “coolest” and vote for that person, assuming we actually take the time to vote.

    Now where did I put that remote……..

  8. Sherlock said

    I concur with you on that view. Further, I am interested in hearing on what you specifically base your obvious high opinions of Mr. Kline. I have read your previous entries wherein you have defended him on various fronts, but how much do you truly know him?

    Are your opinions the result of the mainline media that you mentioned or is it from your personal interactions with him?

    I apologize for the inquisition, but in order to value and respect your opinions, I must understand their origin.

  9. Letstalk said

    The are beamed into my brain from the planet Krypton. Thus you really have no choice but to trust them, do you? Or be a Lex Luther. Chose this day whom you will serve …

  10. snaildung said

    Letstalk, I am compelled to point out that this thread is in regards to the death penalty. You then stated, ” How about to bring a just end to the life of such animals as BTK?” You do realize that he was not eligible for the death penalty, don’t you.

    Sweet dreams

  11. Sherlock said


    I am surprised that your normally articulate rhetoric has been replaced with such nonsense. First you insinuate that the comments within this blog are the product of mainstream media, and then you make references to the movie Superman which, by the way, I have not seen.

    So I will assume that you do not wish to extrapolate on the real reasons for your opinions.

    In the meantime… While I agree that the topic here does mark an acheivement for Mr. Kline, I would add that if we all stop looking through the microscope at who actually did the work and step back to view the culmination of the four years, we might quantify the accomplishments as +1 or -1.

    Death Penalty Issue = +1
    Abortion Clinic Issue = -1

    Total = 0

  12. Letstalk said


    I was normally articulate only when that pesky T. Frank was possessing me. Left to my own devices I am a hopelessly human. I seek truth, justice and the American Way…..unlike Superman the world citizen.

  13. Sherlock said

    I see. Well, we all have our own devices.

    Please be aware that while I enjoy some of your quick humor, there are times when I, like yourself, would like to hold some serious discussion over the issues at hand.

    One or two barbs are great, so long as they are in the form of answers.
    Just because we may not agree does not mean that we have to insult one another or one anothers intelligence.

    I sincerely applaud your quick wit and hope that we may engage in fair debates forthcoming.

  14. Letstalk said

    Gee, Sherlock, that was so moving I am tempted to post my soc sec # and mother’s maiden, besides answering “one or two” of your questions. But,,,, on second thought I think you are skilled and smart enough to get to where you want to be without my aid. It is elementary,,,,

  15. Sherlock said

    We can move beyond the personal at any time, sir.
    My inquiry was merely to appreciate your position on the matters of discussion. It was not an attack on your person or your candidate.
    As well, I don’t want to stop by and buy you lunch.

    I notice that your arsenal in the past has been one of making personal attacks on any one with an opinion different from your own. Much of this has been without due provocation.

    Additionally, you rarely ever directly answer the questions or address the issues presented in these discussions and you make use of two sided swords in your arguments.

    Perhaps YOU should run for office.

    I would like to request that you lay down your two-sided sword and let’s debate like gentlemen where constructive criticism is considered appropriate, but personal attacks are not.

    And thank you for the backhanded compliment, Mr. Watson.
    At least we both know how elementary it is.

  16. Letstalk said

    You need to lighten up, dude. You are taking the fun out of FirePhillKline. PK put the fun back in fundamentalist. The least that you can do is appreciate it.

    And who is Mr. Watson? Had I ended my previous post in this manner would your thoughts now be different? “Enrage a liberal and re-………”

    (Kline, son, the answer is Kline.)

    Driver 8

  17. Sherlock said

    I am quite aware of who you are and who you think yourself to be.

    Would Eric and Phil approve of your representation of the adminsitration in the way that you have delivered it?

    I think not.

    They at least maintain professional delivery in their campaign.
    You tend to ramble and cannot answer to a decent debate of politics without resorting to personal attack.

    Do you feel better now?

  18. Sherlock said

    Now…back to the topic.

    I agree that Mr. Kline has done some good things during his administration. Were they purly accidental, his own doing, his staffs doing, or was Letstalk his advisor (hardly). However, was his intantions all along to better the state of Kansas or to help his political career.

    Liberalism and conservatism have nothing to do with the question anymore than republican or democrat or superman.

  19. no name said

    Sherlock, I like your style. You speek very intellectually without antics to end the discussion because you have been backed in a corner. Bravo!

  20. Sherlock said

    I have not been backed into a corner. I have asked a plethora of questions to which no one on either side seem to have direct answers.

    Additionally, I abandoned my inquiries with letstalk because he seemed to avoid every question that I presented.

    I have given credit to Mr. Kline for a variety of things that I feel that he does well. These were sincerely applied and I am not against the man personally.
    As a matter of fact, I enjoy talking with him when we have the chance to talk.

    However, I question many of the activities from the last four years and the ethics of some of his administrations maneuvers. Which is why I have posed questions here for ANYONE to answer, counter, or offer an opinion.

    I don’t feel that I have as of yet been backed into a corner, because no direct counter answers have been presented to any of my questions on any of these posts.

    I am open minded enough to anothers point of view if only it were presented. I am not here to argue with anyone or insult them, but I will not stand aside and be insulted.

    Please give me credit for posting questions in regard to the current administration and that fewer of them are directed at a specific individual.


  21. Letstalk said

    No Name and Sherlock,

    You all need to stop patting one another on the back from the corner you are in lest someone get a wrenched shoulder.

  22. Sherlock said


    Clever, but again…
    Do you not have any answers to address what I have asked about the current administrations expenditures in light of their accomplishments?

    What about the questions regarding the qualifications of the rest of the staff that has been hired in the last four years?

    Any input about those?

    I do not want to continue matching wits.
    We can do that at another time, perhaps after the election.

    Also, what was your meeting about last week?
    Was it state related business?

  23. Sherlock said

    By the way no name, I was so busy earlier trying to clarify my position to the other readers on here that I forgot to thank you for the compliment.

    Thank you!

    And unfortunately, I must confess that I have resorted to an antic or two on here, but sometimes they are hard to resist.

  24. no name said

    I hope you didn’t think I was thinking you were backed into a corner, I was speaking of letstalk being backed into a corner. It just seems when someone asks him a direct question he does not answer it, he will quote some song, or put someone down or something you said down, he never answers questions directly.

    I think we all enjoy a refreshing person on here just simply stating facts about the campaign….we like change.

    I, too, am new to the site, but I have enjoyed reading the comments from earlier posts.

  25. Larry D Starnes said

    I have dealt with Mr. Kline for almost 2 years. Approximately 15 people were cheated out of $2500.00 each. To make story short I received this letter. All of our attempts have been unsuccessful. Retain private counsel etc. Should use tar and feathers on him. N.C. Hunters.

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