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What to expect in the coming weeks

Posted by firephillkline on July 22, 2006

coming soon

We explained several months ago that a decision had been made to keep the powder dry and sit back until after the primary election. It’s been very difficult to sit on a number of news items and intel, but we have largely remained quiet.

With only a few days to go before the primary, we are already gearing up for an active posting schedule between August and November. We have a number of posts ready to go and more are being prepared this weekend.

The amount of email received and personal conversations we continue to have with past and current attorney general employees, poltical insiders and many others will allow us to present factual information which will further damage any hope of Phill Kline being reelected.

If you want to get in on the fun and have something more than a rumor to share, email us at


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Kline Not Just Losing Staff

Posted by firephillkline on July 19, 2006

Now he has lost the private law firm that he hired (why hire someone else in the first place, Kline?) to defend the state in the school lawsuit.

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