Phill Kline Has Been Fired – and Re-Hired!

Two more years of anti-Kline Web blog bliss!

Kline Not Just Losing Staff

Posted by firephillkline on July 19, 2006

Now he has lost the private law firm that he hired (why hire someone else in the first place, Kline?) to defend the state in the school lawsuit.


14 Responses to “Kline Not Just Losing Staff”

  1. snaildung said

    How about Whitney Watson, the “former” press secretary and lapdog of Kline? Where did he go?

  2. joyce said

    Doesn’t he have some issues too, meaning his own problems? What winners!

  3. Sherlock said

    I believe Mr. Watson was quarantined with a severe case of abrasive superfluous verbosity.
    He lashed out at the wrong people at the wrong time.
    He even used profanity over AG phone lines! Much like that used in those CD’s they removed from the libraries.

    Good heavens, what’s next?
    Will he open an abortion clinic?

    One can’t have that in a spokesperson, you know.

    Unlike the Watergate incident, this tape wasn’t erased.

  4. Will_Rogers said

    Bull patties in the horse pasture? Who would have thought?

  5. snaildung said

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife. But technically she wasn’t his neighbor.

  6. Sherlock said

    Why is it that there has been such a high turnover in that office anyway?

  7. no name said

    Because Kline is not a good AG….we need Morrison in their and get rid of Kline’s political hires-yes even the ones that were not hired politically but are sticking by his side and even doing campaign stuff for him now.

  8. Sherlock said

    It appears that many of the positions within that office are held by less-than-qualified folks.
    Some “attorneys” who haven’t passed the bar?
    Human resource directors with no people skills?
    Accountants with no accounting?

    Isn’t there something in place that lists the requirements for the positions?
    Is anyone looking at that?
    Not just Mr. Kline, but the people who have been hired in the last four years?

    It would be intersting to compare thier position titles to their resumes.
    Perhaps that is the reason that certain individuals who post here are so anxious to have him re-elected. That would assure that they would still have a job that they could not otherwise have.

    As far as the turn over goes in that office…

    I suppose it would be like the passengers on a bus discovering that the driver doesn’t have a license.

    At the next stop, some will undoubtedly get off.

  9. no name said

    I’m sure you are correct Sherlock. I do believe they put people in positions just for political gain….but then when that person is not happy and threatens to either leave or is let go, blackmail comes into play. So, do you really want someone in there that is blackmailing you, has the dirt on you, or has been uneasy in the position for quite some time? Voters will be the judge of that-when it all comes out!!! Keep it coming firephillkline, I can’t wait to hear more of what Kline has done wrong-I’m sure there is a ton!

  10. snaildung said

    Anyone else here notice that “Letstalk” is not posting on this thread?

    Must be busy with “special projects”.

  11. Sherlock said

    I suspect his enthusiasm in the other threads is the result of his desire to keep a position that he may not otherwise be qualified. He would like four more years of employment, I am quite sure.

    I apologize to the rest of you that, as a newcomer to this blog, I was unaware that my engaging him in debate would lead to the ends that it did.
    I tried to give him the opportunity to debate with me, but was unable to derive any serious, to the point answers on anything that I have brought up so far.
    In any case, perhaps he doesn’t have anything informative to add.

    I am certainly interested in knowing of the list of requirements and qualifications for those state positions.

    Does anyone know where this information might be obtained?
    I realize it should be public record as well as the information on the people who hold those positions, but as of yet, I have been unable to find them.

    I do not question Mr. Klines accomplishments in the last four years, I question them from the last twenty.

  12. no name said

    I know some of the positions are statutes, others are actually made up…by the employees, then approved by admin.

  13. Sherlock said

    It seems that there are as many made up ones as there are valid ones. It seems like the state should audit the HR files of that office and validate qualifications to valid positions and eliminate the superfluous paper shufflers.

    What’s this about a part-time crime victims advocate?
    I would think that such a high profile position should be full time.

    Is it true that that position has turned over twice and gone from FT to PT?


  14. no name said

    Auditting not only the HR files but the accounting would be a start.

    PT advocate-CRAZY I tell you. I have never heard of such a mess. I heard about that position being a political campaign agenda for the AG. Interesting though about the PT position…didn’t hear that one.

    Families need more than a PT person, don’t you think? They need more than even a FT person. Crime happens more than 8-5 M-F. Does that position require any kind of degree, like in psychology or social work?

    I did hear about the turnover there. I was told that there have been 2 Statewide Coordinator position and the current person has quit about 7 times in the one year of working there (why doesn’t that person just leave or why doesn’t the admin let them go…hmmm something to find out-but it seems unstable to me)…and the position of advocate, I guess that’s what you call it, in the office has had 3 people in there. Didn’t he hire a political person for the grants position too? I wonder why so many people are leaving there? hmmm….

    I hear stuff about that office daily. So interesting.

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