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What to expect in the coming weeks

Posted by firephillkline on July 22, 2006

coming soon

We explained several months ago that a decision had been made to keep the powder dry and sit back until after the primary election. It’s been very difficult to sit on a number of news items and intel, but we have largely remained quiet.

With only a few days to go before the primary, we are already gearing up for an active posting schedule between August and November. We have a number of posts ready to go and more are being prepared this weekend.

The amount of email received and personal conversations we continue to have with past and current attorney general employees, poltical insiders and many others will allow us to present factual information which will further damage any hope of Phill Kline being reelected.

If you want to get in on the fun and have something more than a rumor to share, email us at


46 Responses to “What to expect in the coming weeks”

  1. Letstalk said

    Been think’s about how that Krazy Kline seems so adamant about protecting kids from sex preds and concealed carry. Then this came on the radio today and I thinks, yeah, here is a fine song to build his campaign for re-elect on:

    Janie’s got a gun
    Janie’s got a gun
    Her whole world’s come undone
    From lookin’ straight at the sun
    What did her daddy do?
    What did he put you through?
    They said when Janie was arrested
    they found him underneath a train
    But man, he had it comin’ Now that Janie’s got a gun
    she ain’t never gonna be the same.

    Janie’s got a gun
    Janie’s got a gun
    Her dog day’s just begun
    Now everybody is on the run
    Tell me now it’s untrue.
    What did her daddy do?
    He jacked a little bitty baby
    The man has got to be insane
    They say the spell that he was under the lightning and the
    thunder knew that someone had to stop the rain

    Run away, run away from the pain yeah, yeah yeah yeah
    Run away run away from the pain yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Run away, run away, run, run away

    Janie’s got a gun
    Janie’s got a gun
    Her dog day’s just begun
    Now everybody is on the run
    What did her daddy do?
    It’s Janie’s last I.O.U.
    She had to take him down easy and put a bullet in his brain
    She said ’cause nobody believes me. The man was such a sleeze.
    He ain’t never gonna be the same.

    Run away, run away from the pain yeah, yeah
    yeah yeah yeah
    Run away run away from the pain yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Run away, run away, run, run away

    Janie’s got a gun
    Janie’s got a gun
    Janie’s got a gun
    Everybody is on the run

    Janie’s got a gun
    Her dog day’s just begun
    Now everybody is on the run
    Because Janie’s got a gun
    Janie’s got a gun
    Her dog day’s just begun
    Now everybody is on the run
    Janie’s got a gun

    Aerosmith. Rock on, Phill! Four more years.

  2. joyce said

    Really? Snore.

  3. Anon said

    The primary is over. Let’s get it rolling.

  4. Letstalk said

    Patience, not until Dr. Tiller gives the order.

  5. Pat said

    Oh I hear there is some massive juice going on the Kline admin staff. Great pics Kline!

  6. Sherlock said

    Dear Letstalk,

    Are you sending these responses from your AG office on state time with our tax dollars?

    Just curious my dear Mr. Watson.


  7. Sherlock said

    Here’s something interesting.

  8. Pat said

    Oh Watson still works for Kline-is that state time or campaign time or both just on states time?

  9. Letstalk said

    It is all my time. Check the time on all of the posts and realize that you are holding nines. As usual.

  10. Sherlock said

    Duly noted at 4:23 p.m. on a Tuesday.

  11. Sherlock said

    Noted accordingly at 4:23 p.m. on a Tuesday.

  12. I would much rather a state worker waste my taxpayer dollars posting to this site than doing Phill Kline’s bidding.

  13. Oh, and Sherlock honey: The time listed under our posts is an hour slow. It’s 7:02pm.

  14. Sherlock said

    Thank you Cara, my dear.

    What say letstalk? 3:23 on a Tuesday?
    Not accusing, just inquiring.

    But back to the topic…

    Is it true that the current administration created a special division for investigations? What are they investigating?
    It is my understanding that this new division was created for all of those abortion clinic inquiries. But when they came under investigation, they stopped investigating that stuff and went on to other things.

    I cannot be too sure because there is no record of this division listed in the legislature of Kansas as being a valid entity within the AGO. However, I am also not unsure, because there was recent remodeling in Memorial Hall to increase office space to house more investigators and house more equipment for them. Sounds expensive to me.

    I didn’t know that attorneys offices had their own police force. Do other AG’s offices in the country have this? I haven’t found any that do.
    But then, I suppose it’s fun to play cops and robbers from time to time when things get boring.

    But why are Kansas taxpayers paying for computers and office remodeling for a division that is not listed anywhere?

    Lastly, doesn’t K.B.I. stand for Kansas Bureau of Investigation?
    Maybe someone should investigate this?
    I am certain that it is listed.

  15. Sherlock said

    And yes, my mistake on the time. I stand corrected.
    My apologies to you, letstalk.

  16. Letstalk said

    All of my faithful readers know that I have pulled a few gaffs spraying graffitti on this wall. No offense taken, pilgrim.

  17. no name said

    I heard that even the attorney’s needing the investigators do not use them for acutal cases being prosecuted in the office. I heard only admin uses them, but for what really? Admin doesn’t prosecute anyone…we definitely know Kline himself doesn’t. So, who uses the investigators and for what is the question. Good post Sherlock!

  18. Sherlock said

    “I will admit that the man did well to start youth programs, enforce the laws of his state, created task forces to investigate ‘criminal activity’, and literally moved the people as a result of his charismatic rhetoric.”

    But, in the end…

    He wasn’t the best thing to happen to Germany.

  19. Letstalk said

    Actually if one adopts a German point of view it was the RAF that was not the best thing to happen to Gernany. And if my candidate looked like the son of El Duce I would go light on the WW II trivia.

  20. Letstalk said

    Actually if one adopts a German point of view it was the RAF that was not the best thing to happen to Gernany. And if my candidate looked like the second coming of El Duce I would go light on the WW II trivia.

  21. Sherlock said


    Is your resaon for such a late response due to the fact that you were imbibing at On the Border last night?

    Does Eric need to address your representation on this board as well as your self appointed web monitoring?


  22. Sherlock said


    I hope to hear your response before you head out to ‘Electric Cowboy’ to attempt to find some sort of satisfaction that you obviously will not acquire here.

    Oh and before you go, take it easy on the cologne.


  23. Sherlock said

    El Duce…clever…but you are following in my footsteps.

  24. snaildung said

    There have been investigators in the AG’s office for quite some time now. It did not start with Kline. It goes back much farther in time than his administration.

    And yes, other office’s have their own investigators as well. Those investigators do not take the place of local law enforcement, but are there as an additional resource to be utilized by the agency.

  25. Sherlock said

    I was aware that the Stovall administration had them, but they were individually assigned within specific divisions…much as they are in the other AG offices around the country.

    There used to be an investigator in the criminal division for researching criminal cases, and one or two in the consumer division for researching consumer cases, etc.

    There was not a whole (and expensive) special division of investigation wasting money flitting around the state playing cops and robbers, purchasing special equipment, remodeling the office, requiring mandatory fingerprinting of internal staff etc.

    And who heads up that division anyway? A former FBI agent.
    Why former? Since 9/11 the FBI hasn’t had cutbacks so why would one leave a Federal position work in such a position that was just made up?

    I’m just asking in case anybody knows.

  26. no name said

    I do not know, but what I do know is you are right in saying the investigators do not help any division in particular…I was not aware of them helping any specific division, except admin.

  27. snaildung said

    sherlock – Can you explain what “special equipment” the investigators are purchasing?

    Also, I don’t see the significance if the investigation division is headed by a former FBI agent. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

    I would imagine federal employees leave their jobs just like private employees or state employees leave their jobs. What is the significance of someone leaving federal employment for state employment, other than the pay of course?

  28. Letstalk said


    Sherlock called me and wanted me to answer for her:
    batbelts and black leather, me thinks. Maybe a red spider suit, can’t be certain on that one.

  29. Sherlock said


    The items in question are new computers, badges and guns for each investigator, LEO training for each, possibly purchased a new car…cannot verify that for sure, cellular phones for each, cell accounts that include wireless web access, etc.

    Then there is the remodeling of the offices to accomodate the new investigation team that continues to grow.

    I’m not totally saying that there should not be investigators who are well equipped to perform necessary actions on behalf of the AG’s office, but the size of this new ‘division’ seems a bit overboard.

    Once again letstalk, you have nothing valid to add.
    You are as incompetent on this board as you are in the office, and whoever is elected to the office should replace you.


  30. Sherlock said

    In regard to leaving a Federal Position for a state position…

    Why would one voluntarily leave a higher paying job with better benefits?

  31. Letstalk said

    Judge not lest ye be judged. I am here for comic relief, and on that front perform much better than you do.

    Sex crazed kid killers back in the news. Must be something Kline has ginned up on his own, huh?

  32. Sherlock said

    Are you referring to the Jon Benet Ramsey case or the Shawnee County Sting?

    If it is the John Mark Karr story, I am not sure that man is telling the truth, but either way, he is a sick one.

    If you are referring to the Shawnee County Online sting, I have to commend the Sherriffs office for nabbing those guys from Montana.
    That was good investigative work by that office.

    I’m not here to fight with you, letstalk. Only to debate. And as I have said, I know Mr. Kline to be a decent man, but I don’t feel he is right for the top attorneys office of this state. Those are the points that I am setting forth in the form of my questions.

    My apologies to you if I was harsh in my last response. It is probably not fair that you have no idea who I am and I know well who you are…so I will leave those things alone from this pont forward and respect your presence here…as long as we can discuss the topics presented on this blog without insulting one another.

    So…even if it is to reiterate a point previously made, tell me, what do you think are the top things that Mr. Kline has accomplished in the four years that we should all consider? I will not disregard your answers as quickly as you do mine.

    Everyone…lets give letstalk the benefit of the doubt and only answer with counter points that do not take away from Mr. Klines accomplishments that may be mentioned, but only counter with the stregnth of our own candidate.

    Letstalk, the stage is yours…


  33. Letstalk said

    Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy, to be useful, must be impartial, else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it. Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people to surrender their interests.

    The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.

  34. Sherlock said

    Experience is what one gains from trial and error. If one rarely goes to trial, then their error is the lack of experience.

    Experience also gives one the wisdom to know that one cannot clear a muddy stream by trying.

    The vicissitudes of time have illuminated us to the fact that self-rightous, self-serving, tyrants who have masqueraded their way into public office, will sooner or later answer to the democracy. When the mask is removed, the party is over.

    History shows us that, in the end, the few who defended Versaille did not answer to the king, but to the people. As well, the romans were quite experienced, but now they are history.

    History also teaches us that public officials belong to the public, not the other way around for there cannot be self-service in public service.

    Therefore, due consideration must be given to each candidates history of, and experience in, public service to be considered for public office.

    Experience and history…

    Thank you letstalk.

  35. Sherlock said

    And by the way, letstalk, I must give credit where credit is due…

    Thank you, George Washington for your eloquence .
    Please forgive my well meaning opponent of his plagiarism.

  36. Letstalk said

    I was just attempting to ascertain whether you had yet learned to Google. Well done, grasshopper.

  37. sherlock said

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    Mr. letstalk has suggested that I do not possess a sense of humor. Imagine my surprise when the man of few words (of his own) would level such an accusation.

    So in the spirit of the matter. I will share with you all one of my favorite jokes. . .

    ba dum bum.

    thank you.


  38. Letstalk said


    I typed Google, friend, not giggle. And you do lack a certain sincerely in your sense of humor. Typical trait among liberals. Probably some kind of Jungian payback for shooting Anastasia. (Insert Symapthy for the Devil soundtrack here).

    Oh, and btw, if you are juding on experience and history, that would go to the man who has been AG for almost 4 years already and has argued before the SCOTUS twice — quite successfully. So you better judge on who has the most seasoned scowl instead.

  39. Sherlock said

    “Strong candidate. Impressive criminal prosecution background.” – These were your own words describing Paul Morrison.

    Yet you have had no words to defend the fact that Mr. Kline has no solid background in criminal prosecution. You cannot answer to the reasoning behind his grandstanding at the tail end of prosecutions where his staff has prepared all of the work. You have said nothing in regard to the various ethics issues brought to light. Because YOU DON’T KNOW.

    Your resorting to attacking physical appearance shows how ‘elementary’ your debate is.

    At least we can be thankful for the true seasoned attorneys in that office.

    Right wing in left field, why not do something useful at the office and send yourself a cease and desist letter. You may be conservative, but your words are not.

    One thing Mr. Kline does have going for him is that his staff uses a finer pointed pen for their arguments than you do for yours.

    Back to the topic of Mr. Kline –

    Has anyone found any information on his pre-AG court records?

  40. Letstalk said


    Are you going to apologize for being mean to me again?

    Very few civil litigators have a “solid background in criminal prosecution.” Thankfully I hear that the criminal div is well appointed and led by a brilliant young attorney, so that area is well covered. Kline can thus trust his team and use his expertise where most on point, in civil litigation. The truth of the matter is this: The KS AG position has much more to do with civil litigation and policy (ie AG opinions) than it does criminal prosecution. But then you know that, don’t you my worthy opponent? As for getting credit for work he did not actually complete, every manager does just that. Bryan Cave probably litigates very little, but gets credit for all happening across the nation in his offices. Carla Stovall got credit for cases she did not touch. Such is life in the real world of management.

    I stand by what I previously wrote. Mr. Morrison is a strong candidate with an impressive criminal background. It is a shame that the Dems had to go off bench to draft a Republican to run a strong race against Kline. See my previous posts on Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter with Kansas? The millionaire clubbers among the Dems are willing to morph into county club Republicans to win Kansas. Nancy Boyda, the Lt. Guv, Morrison. Rejoice now Dems, but do not think this is a victory for your party. You are being taken over by the left wing of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dem base should be wailing, not dancing. Unions should weep. Greens should weep. Peace activists should weep. You will all end up as marginalized as the IWW when and if this morphing is complete. Your Guv is remaking you into pro-choice, gay marriage affirming country club Republicans. Better buy wingtips, a blue suit and pinstriped shirt so you will fit in. Again, check out my earlier posts (months back) on Frank. His analysis is keen. The sellout under NAFTA is almost complete. The Midwest is becoming an economic killing grounds filled with sweat shops, and the party that could, given its history and experience, best address the problem via hard hitting activism and populist economics is selling its soul. to the Wall Street Journal crowd. Even makes me sad, and I am a Reaganite. (Reaganite populist.) We need another Teddy Roosevelt in this dire hour, we are stuck with ten thousand Clintons seeking the triangulated path to perpetual political power for power’s sake and to please those who hold power. The hour is late, our situation dire.

  41. Sherlock said

    You answered the question and gave an explanation for your opinions.

    I respect that.

    However, I am not sure that I agree with the generalizations in regard to political parties as I believe that each individual is responsible for choices that do not necessarily reflect that of a political party with which they may have some sort of affiliation.

    I do not belong to the party that you assume that I do anymore than I belong to yours. I have voted for some of your candidates and some of thiers. I look at the individual, not the party.

    I agree with you on most of your first paragraph, not sure about the rest.

    I have only been asking questions on here, letstalk…never intending to be mean. So even though I suspect that you could care less if I apologize to you or not, and since you never apologized to the others, for the record I will.

    You have my apology.

    Now, back to the topic…

    If Morrison was a former republican who has now turned democrat, do you really think that over night he would go on to condone all of the things that you say the Dems represent?

    What would be the real reason that one would switch parties? I’m curious to know what you really think about that, because my jury is still out on that one.

    You and I aren’t running for election…so letstalk about those who are.

    Please no turnip truck jokes or the like. I think you know that I am not an idiot.


  42. Letstalk said

    Look back far enough and I think you will find an apology on my part. And yes, you are correct, I did not really need one. Just wondered if’n you would get on one knee if’n I asked. Please grovel no more. It is obvious that neither of us needs to seek quarter.

    One would switch parties, as I see it, to win. One who would so switch parties is either ambivalent about parties, and seeks only new groupies and fresh minions willing to do hard work, or has had a conversion experience of some kind and finds the platform of the new party more to the liking than the platform of the old party. Karl Marx’s father became Lutheran to sell in the market. Economics trumped religion or culture I would guess. King Henry 8 became Anglican to rule with no equal. Power trumped faith. I cannot determine why your main man decided to remake himself as a Democrat, but I would guess it was the decision of a career politician toward the goal of capturing a constitutional office for the highest bidder, in this case the Queen and the DNC backed up with Tiller and Stowers money.

    What do you think?

    Oh, and yes, I know,,,,, don’t call you Sherly.

  43. Sherlock said

    Hmmm. I expected as much from you.

    The fact that I offered you an apology shows a sense of decency on my part and would not be interpreted as groveling by most..whether they were liberal or conservative.

    As another act of decency and a show of respect for the others on this board, I believe that I will capitulate and resign from further comments here.

    I am quite sure that no one is interested in watching you and I match wits.

    If anyone wishes to continue corresponding with me outside of this board, you can email me at

    That includes you letstalk.

    And by the way, if you ever decide to become a democrat, be sure to apply for the mascot position. You’d be good at it. (wink)

    May the best man win.


  44. Letstalk said

    Mr. Sherlock,
    Sorry about that Sherly thing, it was a joke. As was the groveling part. I did not mean to run you off. You were quite interesting.
    Oh well, as you may have guessed, I had used President Washington’s 1796 Farewell Speech with the intent of it serving as my swan song on this board. It is a very important message.
    So let’s mark this match down as a draw as that I am more than overdue and now outtahere. There is too much to discuss that goes far beyond this narrow race, I will find other outlets for my populist thought or maybe just descend into abject madness all alone.
    Thanks for FPK for all the free wall space.
    May the Constitutional Republic live on and always be well served by men and women of good will.
    Best Wishes to all,
    Letstalk (accept no substitutes, I will not broadcast again.)

  45. snaildung said

    I’m really gonna miss Letstalk’s posts. Like a broken record, argued twice, argued twice, argued twice, squawk!

    Sherlock – I don’t see the significance of your posts on the investigation division. I think you will find that a majority of agencies across the state will provide their agents with a standard issue weapon, computer, cell phone, and training at the academy. I’m not getting excited over that issue. Especially when you find those exact same things at law enforcement agencies across the state.

    As for leaving a federal job for a state job, there could be countless reasons. While benefits and pay are much better at the federal level, state work has its advantages as well. I have a friend that left the FBI because they were tired of being transferred from city to city when they had a family. They chose to go to a much lower paying local job that allowed them to stay in one area, and be home by 5:00 every night. Money doesn’t always win over quality of life. Maybe there is something to your statement. Let us know if there is.

  46. JoCoCop said

    I know the guy that runs the SI Unit. He’s retired FBI. He had retired before Kline asked him to take this job. He’s a good human too, so please, leave him out of this!

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