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Kline under attack for not doing enough to protect kids from online predators

Posted by firephillkline on August 9, 2006

The Wichita Eagle reports that the only attorney general candidate with jury trial experience, Paul Morrison, has outlined a proposal which would keep kids safter from internet pedophiles, something he claims Kline has not done.

Morrison has also taken aim at Kline by accusing him of running to the feds with sex cases instead of prosecuting the cases himself. Kline replied by claiming he was the one responsible for hiring two KBI agents and then sending them to the FBI.
Kline also said he was responsible for finding the money to hire the KBI agents.
…he created those two positions by cutting his office’s travel budget…

Do those words sound familiar? They should. We’ll explain why in a future post.

We guess the attorney general doesn’t know anyone can request and receive budget reports explaining how much money is for office travel year to year…


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