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Kline under attack for not doing enough to protect kids from online predators

Posted by firephillkline on August 9, 2006

The Wichita Eagle reports that the only attorney general candidate with jury trial experience, Paul Morrison, has outlined a proposal which would keep kids safter from internet pedophiles, something he claims Kline has not done.

Morrison has also taken aim at Kline by accusing him of running to the feds with sex cases instead of prosecuting the cases himself. Kline replied by claiming he was the one responsible for hiring two KBI agents and then sending them to the FBI.
Kline also said he was responsible for finding the money to hire the KBI agents.
…he created those two positions by cutting his office’s travel budget…

Do those words sound familiar? They should. We’ll explain why in a future post.

We guess the attorney general doesn’t know anyone can request and receive budget reports explaining how much money is for office travel year to year…


7 Responses to “Kline under attack for not doing enough to protect kids from online predators”

  1. no name said

    What I know is this….if you request to see anyone’s salary and so forth, someone from that office will call Kline’s and inform them of who it was….second, the agents were hired way before any travel expense was cut. I heard he cut travel for a bit with his current staff only to hire his political hires for the campaign this year. Isn’t that odd?? Tell people to stop travelling (actually doing their job) but hire people making way more than they should to help the campaign-oh yeah and they are all his polticical appointees too….odd!

  2. Sherlock said

    Is there an organization chart for that administration?
    Who is in charge of what and what do the people do there?

    I am wondering how many actually have specifically assigned duties that are relevant to the office and how many are there ‘working’… on the campaign.

    As everyone knows, it is illegal for the employees of a state office to work on campaign issues while they are on state time in a state office.

    As far as this topic, I must say that both candidates have the right idea as a bottom line…and that is to protect the people that they serve. Any solid plans that either present would be a step in the right direction and I have no doubt that the both of them have the best of intentions. Hopefully these are not selfish intentions with the intention of simply winning an election.

    Before we bash either one, perhaps we should analyze who has the best laid plans…even if they were only presented yesterday.

    But enough of that, here is some trivia…

    Did you know that you can check the properties of electronic documents and find out where and when it was created. See for yourself….

    Open a word document and select ‘File’ then ‘Properties’.
    You can even do that with attachments that you have recieved via e-mail.
    Pretty neat huh?

  3. Sherlock said

    Could someone please enlighten me because I believe I am a little confused over the duties of the AG’s office. The subject of this topic has me wondering…

    Shouldn’t the investigative branch of a state, ie K.B.I., investigate criminal activity and then forward said activity to the appropriate prosecuting attorneys office.
    Where is the line drawn between policing and prosecuting?

    I can understand that attorneys may need to research or gather information to make their cases, but should they not forward such requests to the appropriate organization? I must ask again why there is a whole seperate division within the current administration that is solely made up of investigators. Who funds these investigators salaries and why then would we need to pay for a K.B.I.

    I thought Judge Roy Bean was the last Sherriff/Attorney/Judge/Justice of the Peace/Preacher/Talk Show Host.

  4. no name said

    Very good points Sherlock-I believe you are almost to the bottom of what is going on there. What does the “admin” do there anyway? Yes, that has been the question at that office for quite some time. I mean, who needs both a secretary and scheduler? Or a driver, when you can drive yourself? Or a person, close to the current AG, bringing in their own personal hard drive back and forth to and from the office everyday, just because the office one is slow? It just doesn’t add up. So many questions….in due time it will all come out-I’m sure!

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