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Exactly how many cases have you tried in court, Mr. Kline?

Posted by firephillkline on October 9, 2006


Here is a priceless transcript from today’s Journal World chat with Phill Kline:

kugrad: Exactly how many cases did you try in court, meaning you were the lead attorney in the courtroom giving oral arguments, prior to becoming attorney general? If you must estimate, use small incremental steps such as 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, etc. Thank you, kugrad

Attorney General Phill Kline: My practice primarily consisted of construction mediation and arbitration. Early in my career my caseload was more substantial in number and less substantial in size of the case. I would average about 20 cases at a time. In my specialty of practice, however, I would be primarily responsible for 1 or 2 cases the cases were so mammoth in size. For example, my representation of the State of California consumed more than one year. My representation of Emerson Electric in a terrible accident in Hutchinson involving a salt plant consumed an enormous amount of time. Conversely, I represented the prison doctor at Lansing from inmate lawsuits and I would work 10-15 cases at a time. My experience in the law has been much more broad than Pauls who has had one type of case in one district court and has never entered private practice.

So, what’s your answer, Kline?  Not sure I see one. Why are you so afraid of saying you have no courtroom experience?

 I’d also like to see someone ask him how much courtroom experience he has received while he’s been attorney general. From what we hear, the only times he shows up at court is for a procedural hearing where cameras are present.


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