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Exactly how many cases have you tried in court, Mr. Kline?

Posted by firephillkline on October 9, 2006


Here is a priceless transcript from today’s Journal World chat with Phill Kline:

kugrad: Exactly how many cases did you try in court, meaning you were the lead attorney in the courtroom giving oral arguments, prior to becoming attorney general? If you must estimate, use small incremental steps such as 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, etc. Thank you, kugrad

Attorney General Phill Kline: My practice primarily consisted of construction mediation and arbitration. Early in my career my caseload was more substantial in number and less substantial in size of the case. I would average about 20 cases at a time. In my specialty of practice, however, I would be primarily responsible for 1 or 2 cases the cases were so mammoth in size. For example, my representation of the State of California consumed more than one year. My representation of Emerson Electric in a terrible accident in Hutchinson involving a salt plant consumed an enormous amount of time. Conversely, I represented the prison doctor at Lansing from inmate lawsuits and I would work 10-15 cases at a time. My experience in the law has been much more broad than Pauls who has had one type of case in one district court and has never entered private practice.

So, what’s your answer, Kline?  Not sure I see one. Why are you so afraid of saying you have no courtroom experience?

 I’d also like to see someone ask him how much courtroom experience he has received while he’s been attorney general. From what we hear, the only times he shows up at court is for a procedural hearing where cameras are present.


13 Responses to “Exactly how many cases have you tried in court, Mr. Kline?”

  1. no name said

    Yes, from what I know, he only goes to the ones that are high profile, with cameras…but actually doing anything – NO! Oh wait, he did say once, “yes your Honor.” And he even had to get prepped for that answer…that was a “high profile” case where cameras were all over the courtroom. And he knew that was going to happen because he has his “scheduler” call media to get it done, or his past press secretary to call for a press conference. My question is this….where are you when a “lower profile” case is going on? Do you even know the families names-those who have been affected by crime? Do you even care? It seems if you did, even as the AG and busy schedule that you have, you would be more involved with what is going on in your office-and I don’t mean dictatorship wise, like the admin and political hires you do hire, I mean really get involved and know what it means to help families of KS, not just for political gain.

  2. Lynn said

    Well there was that US Supreme Court win. Of course, typically AG’s aren’t arguing criminal cases. They are setting policy. The last policy Paul Morrison helped write involved releasing more than 800 criminals from prison early. Don’t worry. Most of them are back in prison. Few more victims and tax dollars to convict them, but that’s not Paul’s problem.

  3. no name said

    Are you kidding me with that crap? Kline didn’t win the US Supreme Court-the other attorney’s that argue criminal cases and the law firm he hired won that case-well actually the STATE OF KS won the case-Phill didn’t do crap, he read what was written for him!!!

    Paul Morrison has done more as an attorney in one day than Phill has done his entire life. Phill is a sleezy politician that only cares about his road to Governor-which by the way-good luck with that.

    So, how does it feel to have a new press secretary take over there? Since the one that was there had some mishaps himself, or the Consumer Deputy having an arrest record, or hiring your nephew who has a DUI to drive you around, or how about hiring people for their tragedy for Kline’s political gain, how’s that working out for you? Or what about attacking our most populur Governor-top 5 in the nation by the way-or having the passed AG quit your “team” because you can’t seem to know when to stop asking for money even if it’s exploiting our churches. And this latest with Morrison and the sexual harrassment charge-which was dropped more than 15 years ago-nice-real good coming from a “family man.” I bet the alleged “victim” really likes you exploiting them as well-that’s great morals!

    Phill, I would be careful, there are a lot of things out there that people do not know about you-I’m sure if we went back even yesterday there is something you have done morally wrong-or try thinking back 15 years in your life.

    Get a clue and get ready to find another job-you seem to be slipping in the polls.

  4. no name said

    By the way, AG’s do not set policies, legislators do that, AG’s enforce the policies and support policies that are to be introduced into legislature.

    And Jessica’s law-I guess he forgot to mention Jessica’s family started that-he is the only one that takes credit for that-give me a break-Jessica’s dad did that not him, he just had his name in there for political purposes.

    And did you notice Kline seems a bit creepy when it comes to sex? Umm…does he have issues with that?

  5. Letstalk said

    Thomas Frank views these new Democrats with a healthy dose of skepticism. “I like to see Democrats win, and I like Kathleen Sebelius,” he says. “On the other hand, I don’t think it’s that great a victory if people come to the Democratic Party without any kind of change of heart, or if the Democratic Party is just becoming full of moderate Republicans. Then that’s, in some ways, a terrible defeat for my side, for Team Liberal.”

  6. Jean said

    Okay, so I was reading on the AG website news releases and noticed that it had a Statewide Victim Right Coordinator still there….I thought that person quit like 9 times already….does anyone know what is going on with that? BTW, really nice to have someone who is so unstable helping victims, if it’s true they quit so many times. Nice job Kline! You really do hire great people for your political agenda.

  7. snaildung said

    First I read that Kline fired one employee for sexual harassment, now I read in the paper that he is claiming to have fired two employees for sexual harassment.

    That must be the best kept secret in the AG’s Office!

    And why doesn’t Kline release his FBI background check when he was up for US Attorney? If Kansas voters should hear about Morrison’s 15 year old harassment accusation, shouldn’t Kansas voters hear about Kline’s FBI background check?

  8. Kim said

    Phill Kline is what is SCARY about politics these days. I used to be a proud Republican from Kansas. Now that the Republican Party has left me and my values to the way side I have been forced to vote for Democrats. And this election I will be voting for democrats with pride. I am a devote Lutheran and it troubles me that Phill would explote churches and their pulpits to line his campiagn pockets. I would like to see his wife’s “corporation” (it is hard for me to type that without laughing, because if I did not laugh I would cry) business plan and her accounting records since its inception. It is people like Kline that make it hard for us real Christians to do our work in the name of Christ because he has bastaredized the church with his connections with such people as Pastor Johnson at Family Life Church at 143rd and Antioch. I pray for these people that they will use their “talents” for real christian outreach instead of for personal gain. I cannot believe that their is a church our there who would take in donations from their congergation and then launder them through a women’s “corporation” in the name of doing good for God and his people. I would love for Phill to “preach” at my church one Sunday and have my church donate the offerings from that day to a worthy cause such as Metropolitian Lutheran Ministries who really are doing God’s work with the meak instead of trying to become an elected official for the state of Kansas. Phil you should be ashamed. What morals are you teaching your daughter? You are adding many years to her need for therepy when she reached her 20s and has to deal with the history of her dad’s “legacey.”

  9. Bob Forer said

    imoral mperative, beyond accepaBLE norms of civility. many of his acts devoid of nd unfortunatelly have found that action may be warantred. Anyone withy evidence of specific actsw which reflect on his
    fitneess to practice law is urged to contact me.

  10. no name said

    Oh I don’t know, specific acts-how about the fact he let his license lapse not once, but twice, or the fact that he has never tried a case-and that doesn’t mean claiming victory in putting people to death-others wrote that for him, by the way with our money.

    I too, am ashamed he is our “top law enforcement officer.” He is so focused on sex that he forgets there should be things to prevent these happenings. Does he have anything that when a person is convicted of a sexual act, when the person is in prison, is there help for them? Because once that person is released, and they will be, they are out to do it again, so locking them up isn’t the sole answer. That is his whole focus-besides abortion issues. I love when a man tells woman how and what they should be doing-no matter what the issue-isn’t that some sort of abuse? It’s controlling.

    At any rate, I agree with Kim about swindling money from churches-shame on him. One day he will meet his maker and I doubt our maker will ask how much money he has for his campaign. No church should give money to politics in my opinion-that is not what church is about and Phill should believe the same, being such a Christian man and all.

    Oh and the sexual harrassment stuff the earlier comment said about Phill firing two people, what I was told is that he didn’t fire anyone for sexual harrassment-he brushed that under the rug-didn’t do a damn thing about it. Great AG that he can dish it out about what should happen to other people, but when it comes to him and the media about his office-it seems to not matter as much. Great guy! Now I don’t know if for sure he fired two other people, I’m just speaking of what a few people from there told me about one particular situation.

  11. no name said

    “Rep. Mike O’Neal, a Hutchinson Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said Kline has been a good attorney general who has run an effective office.” (KC STAR) Funny when he said this because I know he doesn’t run an effective office, especially if he has about a 45% turnover rate in employees and his own party is turning his back on him. Even the employees he hired as political hires, who got him where he is, are all gone. What does that tell you?

  12. Former employee said

    Check out this site-I knew it would come out eventually


  13. m trask said

    mr kline

    how many needy babies have you adopted or helped financially or otherwise

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