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Kline Wrongs Victims Rights

Posted by firephillkline on November 3, 2006

As reported on this and other blogs, current attorney general Phill Kline’s lack of committment to crime victims has resulted in a dismantled and destroyed victims services department within the attorney general’s office.

It has been widely known that the current victims rights coordinator, Jeannete Stauffer has not only ‘quit’ multiple times, but now it appears she doesn’t even show up to work. In fact, it appears no one works within the department:

“Several telephone calls placed to the statewide crime victims’ rights division in Attorney General Phill Kline’s office this week rang multiple times before being sent to an answering machine.”

“Only one of five calls placed by the Harris News Service to the victims’ rights telephone hotline during business hours wound up being answered by a staff member on Wednesday and Thursday.

On unanswered calls, a message told callers they could also contact the National Organization for Victim Assistance in Alexandria, Va.”

Click here for yet another example of Phill Kline’s actions speaking louder than his words.


10 Responses to “Kline Wrongs Victims Rights”

  1. Letstalk said

    I am Attorney General Phill Kline’s Consumer Chief. I write to respond to Paul Morrison’s allegations.
    Yes, I was arrested twelve times between 1988-1992. All were tangential to the peaceful efforts of the pro-life rescue movement. Most were for being in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time and, along with hundreds of others, refusing to leave. Most of the charges were city ordinance violations, which are not even misdemeanors.
    Yes, a lower federal court in Indiana did order me to pay $61,000 directly to an N.O.W. sponsored legal team fifteen years ago. The injunction winning abortionist attempted collection at first, but after the legal basis for the judgment was overturned by the United States Supreme Court all efforts were abandoned. That overturned judgment has been uncollectible for many years.

    Yes, I have led a team effort to reform the Consumer Protection Division. Over the past years the division engaged in many investigations that were not proper under the law. The actions were, in a word, unconstitional. While Team Kline has set records on the filing of enforcement actions and on educational efforts, Team Kline has stopped investigating complaints that contain no allegation of consumer fraud. Those who believe that government agencies should be tightly managed to do only that which is authorized will find the reforms of Team Kline inspiring. Those who believe that the “nanny state” should address every consumer complaint (regardless of merit) will find Team Kline’s reforms quite disturbing. I encourage all taxpayers to read about Team Kline’s reforms at
    Ironies abound in this election season. Here are four of my favorites: #1. Paul Morrison has spent $200, 000 in a bid to paint me as a criminal for actions I took at the same time that he was (allegedly) sexually harassing Kelly Summerline. Yet he claims his case is too stale to be relevant. #2. Many of my arrests ended in “not guilty” verdicts as a result of my pre-law school constitutional arguments. A few were settled against no contest pleas. A few were dismissed. Only one resulted in a conviction. Yet District Attorney Paul Morrison cries foul when the merits of a sexual harassment case he lost at the summary judgment stage are discussed. #3. I am widely criticized for not respecting city ordinances enough due to my arrests. But when I post a report demonstrating that former AG Stovall (whose tobacco litigation reveals the degree to which she valued cronyism over justice) was operating her Consumer Division in a manifestly unconstitutional manner, I am criticized for taking state law too seriously. #4. My pro-life arrests were a byproduct of my Christian values. Those were formed as I followed the lead of a good many Catholics and Catholic clergy, including Bishops. For those loiterings and trespasses I am roundly criticized by Paul Morrison — who claims to be a leader in the Catholic Church while striking a Faustian bargain with the abortion industry to become the next Attorney General of Kansas.
    I hope these ironies are not lost on the good people of Kansas.

  2. Letstalk said

    Sent to Steve Rose Nov 4 at 12:01 am

    Steve Rose, you have grievously libeled me, sir. I just tonight read that you labeled me a felon and prison inmate one year ago. You had to know then that such a statement was false, for the Pitch covered me in fine detail in Feb 2003. You must have so libeled me out of animus for Christians and/or pro-lifers. I am no felon, I have never been to prison, and of my 12 arrests for pro-life activism, I was adjudicated guilty only once – and that was for trying to speak up for an 83 year old great grandma who was being arrested unlawfully. Steve Rose you owe me an apology at least. I am sending you an editorial submission intended to clarify this grievous error. Post it by Monday or I may seek other alternatives to redress the harm you have visited upon me.

  3. Letstalk said

    Thanks FPK. I sent post #1 above to most all the papers of the state some time ago, none of them would print it. Should have sent it to the Pitch, they probably would have. They have far more journalistic integrity that the likes of Steve Rose, who had to know he was defaming me in Nov 03, but, hey, it worked! (At least for now.) Something is very broken in how we elect our officials, as is now proven in spades across the print and electronic media. At least the internet is close to parity. Maybe once the Net puts the newspapers out of business all men (and, by implication, women) will be more equal once again. Let’s hear it for Sam Colt and Al Gore (inventor of the internet).

    You all have treated me much more fairly than the MSM, as true liberals are wont to do. (like you and Da Pitch). Country Club liberals and Country Club Repubs are teaming together to ruin America, and for that all of us with passion for something other than mammon should be rightly concerned.

  4. […] Have a look at his comments in the previous post. […]

  5. no name said

    12 arrest are 12 arrests. I can see if it were one or two, but 12? Is that really Christian?

    Back to the real post here!!! VICTIMS-love how we devert that…that unit has went down hill since Kline took office. There has been so much turnover in that office it’s unreal.

    I think when Stephen respected Kline’s decision to hire Jeanette Stauffer that was prior to knowing how much she never really did anything for that office-getting paid by victim grant money to do NOTHING, while she is also working at that tech school. This to me seems a misuse in our money and something should be done about it. FAST! The FRAUD is there, so now Bryan you can start with your own office by turning that over to the DA and a criminal investigation should be done. I am appaulled at this office, especially after finding out what frauds the Statewide Victim Advocate, Kline and his administration are really. You all should be ashamed.

  6. Janet said

    How wrong of him to do this to victims of crime, those are the ones he’s suppose to be protecting but instead he and his Crime Victim Coordinator are stealing from them. This is an outrage! Something should be done about this.

  7. Janet said

    This is an outrage. I can’t believe Kline and his state victim coordinator are basically dooping all of us. What a sham! It seems that an investigation should be done at this point. How can she work full time at two places at the same time? And apparently she gets paid out the of victim grant money that could be useful to those who actually need it. Terrible!

  8. Joe said

    I am very disappointed in what is going on here. What kind of advocate doesn’t actually work? I mean, isn’t this unethical?

  9. Donna said

    So, basically what’s going on is…. there is a person, Jeanette Stauffer, who says she is working M-F 8-5 both at that school and the victim job doing, as the press secretary stated in the Hutch paper:
    “Jones said that Stauffer continues to serve in the coordinator post, which is supposed to assist local victim-witness programs throughout the state, while responding to the victim’s hotline and administering the crime victim’s assistance fund.”
    Yeah, duh, that’s not possible. Jones even stated,
    “Kline spokeswoman Sherriene Jones defended the division’s efforts in an interview Thursday, saying the division’s phones are answered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless staff are fielding other calls.”
    So, how can she do everything Jones said she is doing and teaching classes during the day? Not happening! Instead she is probably getting paid to not do anything just so Kline doesn’t look like a complete idiot losing how many advocates in that division, which I heard isn’t even a division.
    Nice work.

    We want our money back and an investigation to begin.

  10. Is there a store nearby that would also sell the product so I didnt need to have it shupped?

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