Phill Kline Has Been Fired – and Re-Hired!

Two more years of anti-Kline Web blog bliss!

Kline Can’t Let His Old Job Go

Posted by firephillkline on March 10, 2007

From staff who still call him ‘General’ to multiple references to Paul Morrison, former attorney general Phill Kline is having a rough time moving on from the beat-down he received last fall at the hands of the man he replaced – and whom replaced him.

Read about his personal struggles here: KC Star question and answer.


19 Responses to “Kline Can’t Let His Old Job Go”

  1. The Inquirer said

    Did I hear right that Letstalk landed a job with AG Gonzalez? Whatever became of that chatterbox anyway?

  2. MightyMouse said

    The storm is coming. With 3 Females resigning from the DAs office in the last few days, and when the media finds out Kline purposly lied to JOCO judges about why DA staff where removed from cases……Can you say disbarred?

  3. Letstalk said

    This place is a ghost town. I will be starting up the dialogue and attemtpting to separate the wheat from the cow chips on my freshly launched (training wheels still on) blog:

    Y’all come by now, y’hear?

  4. snaildung said

    Letstalk, where have you gone? I checked out your website, lots of rants. Much like your buddy Phill.

    Rumor has it that a number of his underlings are positioning themselves for public office. Wonder when we’ll find out the official word. Here is what I gather: Brad Burke for Douglas County DA, Eric Rucker for Shawnee County DA, and Steve Maxwell for Johnson County DA.

    Anyone have confirmation on these names?


  5. Letstalk said

    I can confirm that they are, indeed, names Snaily. Good catch! Nice to see that you have not lost your edge since we last debated.

    Glad you have stopped by my blog:

    I cannot confirm the political rumors you are trying to run down. I will tell you that Phill has not asked me to run for anything… but I am thinking a truly Indepedent candidate might be able to knock out Nancy Boyda, don’t you?

  6. snaildung said

    I actually enjoyed that response Letstalk. Are you now in Indiana, or are you in the K.C. area this week. Big meeting taking place isn’t there? Big keynote speaker from Maryland was going to give a nice chat until he got spanked…and the battle rages on.

  7. Letstalk said

    I am, like Vivian Kane, EVERYWHERE.

    Glad you enjoyed the resumption of mild hostilies. Maybe its that spanking thang for you, too?

    We never did get around to lunch, now did we?

    Or said more poetically,

    Ain’t the years gone by fast
    I suppose you have missed them
    Oh, I almost forgot to ask
    Did you hear of my enlistment?

    Funny, I’ve been there
    And you’ve been here
    And we ain’t had no time to drink that beer

  8. snaildung said

    Wonderful article in the Pitch Weekly. By the way, heard Sue Carpenter left the JOCO DA’s Office this week. Ms. Carpenter was one of Kline’s “seasoned prosecutors” that he added to the staff. I’m going to throw my name in the ring and see if PK will hire me. However, if BB throws his name in the ring, I’m pretty sure he’ll get hired. How ’bout it BB?

  9. letstalk said

    You go, Snails. Not enough controversy to interest me.

  10. snaildung said

    PK has to be wondering how the Pitch got so much info on his people. If you missed the article, you can find it here:

  11. snaildung said

    Well Letstalk, is Morrison still in Tiller’s pocket? I can only assume you will return an answer that yes he is because he has called the violation a “technicality”. Unfortunately for you, Kline’s charges were also a “technicality”, because that is the way the law was written.

    Unfortunately for all the right wing nutbags out there, they didn’t see this coming. They were all ready to shout to the heavans that Morrison was a sell out and the election was bought. But alas, an AG that doesn’t bow to political pressure! An AG that isn’t on a crusade, other than the one to enforce the laws of Kansas!

  12. snaildung said

    Letstalk – sorry I forgot to respond to Nancy Boyda comment. She has been disappointing thus far, as have many of the Dems that I hoped would turn the sad state of affairs around.

  13. letstalk said

    Sorry to be noncommunicative. I am neither in shock nor awe. I am in the Fort.

    Missed my self-imposed blog deadline for Fish on Friday. I hope the state does not dock my unemployment check!

    Trying to put my finger on whether Paul is fish or fowl at this point. Hard to keep up with it all from the Fort. Has Mr. Tiller uttered a comment for public consumption?

    Your pal,

  14. Letstalk said

    GOP Insider was “outed” and now is gone.

    Hmmm, where to go to read biting satire and challenging conservative cheekiness?


  15. matt said

    Surprised to see there’s been no updates posted on here since March!! What about KCTV 5 investigation of deKline and his false JO County address and questionable work schedule? The heat needs to be put on this asshole right now!! He’s burned too many bridges and it’s coming back to bite him…Cut the head off the snake NOW!!!!!!!!

  16. Jo Cee said

    Phill Kline is a disgrace to the state of Kansas, just as much as those leaders of the Republican Party! We the people voted him out and the STUPID Republican Party put him back. I hope they pay for that stupid mistake in the next election. Get rid of him, ask for his resignation NOW. He does not live here in Johnson County! It’s the law!

  17. snaildung said

    You mean you don’t think he is really living in a storage facility? But the owner’s were soooooo credible.

    Look out Shawnee County, Eric Rucker is going to run for the DA’s Office, which would be equally as bad.

  18. letstalk said

    Larry Norman says …
    You think it’s such a sad thing
    when you see a fallen king
    Then you find out they’re only princes to begin with
    And everybody has to choose
    whether they will win or lose
    Follow God or sing the blues
    and who they’re gonna sin with

  19. Leticia said

    If Phil Kline is such a disgrace to Kansas, why is Morrison the one who has just resigned in disgrace from his post as Attorney General?

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