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Shallenburger to Resign as GOP State Party Chairman?

Posted by firephillkline on November 15, 2005

Our friends over at are reporting that the republican state party chair, Tim Shallenburger is set to announce his resignation this week.

Even if he doesn’t pull the trigger, its still disasterous for the GOP’ers. Half will call the rumor garbage and formed by a conspiracy, but the other half will see this as incredible weakness. Either way, how can he possibly recover to matter to either side? He’s done.

Note to GOP’ers- how about keep your infighting between yourselves? Why is that so hard for you? We have issues, but you rarely hear about them in public.

Wonder how Kline and the other ultra conservatives feel now? Their ship is truly rudderless.

We at FPK almost feel sorry for them. Ok, not really.

Beating them up over the next 12 months will be far too easy. But still fun!

6 Responses to “Shallenburger to Resign as GOP State Party Chairman?”

  1. Anonymous said


    Suppose the ultra, uber, radical right wingers are pleased with themselves?

    Dont be suprised if all they do is blame mods. like FPK said last week, no right winger is ever wrong, you know.

  2. Anonymous said

    Who cares? I say let the republicans shoot themselves. They are a joke right now and there is no end in sight.

  3. Anonymous said

    yes- who cares. he’s wounded. might as well give it up.

  4. Anonymous said

    Looks like Shallenburger is going back on his words to quit.

    But, does it really matter at this point? The mere mention of giving up does nothing for his leadership ability. He’s done as a leader- even if he stays with the party.

    Kline must be freaking out right about now. His boy Shallenburger is in trouble, Morrison is for real and is only five points down in an early poll, his office is falling apart, etc. etc.

    Guess his decision to orchestrate Shallenburgers election to state chair wasn’t such a good idea.

  5. Anonymous said


  6. Anonymous said

    exactly- yawn and who cares?. I agree with the posts above.

    The republicans are imploding. The end is near for the Kansas republican party as we know it.

    Hello reform, libertaria, green, democrat and independent partiies!

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